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Website Privacy Policy

Please find below our Website Privacy Policy, including in detail and in full transparency how we may make use of the information you provide. Certain sections may be updated from time to time, so it is important to read and keep up to date.  


What information may we collect?

  1. Any information you provide us through the website: registration forms, information, sharing contact information etc.
  2. Information connected to browsing data, location, communication data, (computer) identification and information connected with different resources used in browsing.
  3. Information about communication between you and third parties through our website.


How will we use this information?

The information we collect about you on this site assists us in providing you better quality, more effective and relevant services. In addition, we may use the information in the following ways, according to these 5 guidelines:

  1. Updates regarding products and services that may interest you
  2. Contacting you regarding changes in an existing product or clarifications and updates regarding existing agreements
  3. With your consent – we may share your information with a third party that is not necessarily connected with Tel-Hai College so that third party can interest you in products and services that you may find useful and interesting. If your information is shared with a third party, it will be done anonymously. Tel-Hai College will not share any identifying information, only statistical information and communication data (if at all).
  4. Use of cookies enables us to receive statistical data about browsing and they do not contain any identifying factors about you. We may use these files or transmit them to third parties. You can block cookies through your browser settings but blocking them may impact your browsing experience and your ability to view certain content.
  5. Disclosure of your personal (identifying) information to a third party would occur only if the College (or part of it) were sold or transferred to a related company (subsidiary, sister company or such).


How we handle and protect private information

Tel-Hai College respects the information you share and therefore takes all reasonable steps to ensure the privacy of your information.

Tel-Hai College uses secure servers to ensure proper storage of information. We use encryption to increase the level of security for transaction data.

Alongside our efforts to provide the tightest and most hermetic security solutions possible, internet browsing is still not 100% secure and to our regret, we cannot fully ensure the security of information. Therefore, information provided to our site is the sole responsibility of the provider.

In accordance with the Privacy Protection Regulations (Conditions for holding and storing information and arrangements for the transfer of information between public bodies), 1986, the College shares information with the Council for Higher Education in accordance with the legal requirements and powers of the Council.


Links on the website

The site may contain links to third parties on different pages. We do not know the privacy terms of those third parties; we have no control over their policies, and we are not responsible for them. We recommend you clarify the privacy policy on these sites before choosing to share any information with them.


Contact information

If you have additional questions or need additional clarification, please contact Ms. Raya Gal, Director of Academic Administration Division at:

[email protected]



Thank you and we wish you a pleasant browsing experience.

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