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Water Science Research

Dr. Eyal Kurzbaum Lab

  • Nitrogen removal systems utilizing biofilm forming bacteria developed to process desalinized water from the southern coastal aquifer.
  • Single stage oxygenating bioreactor to break up micro-pollutants from treated wastewater in high agricultural runoff areas.


Prof. Hassan Azaizeh Lab

  • Advanced oxygenation process and biochar generated from lignocellulose to remove pharmaceutical compounds from water and wastewater.
  • Development of systems to remove heavy metals from wastewater utilizing hydrochar and active coal.


Dr. Oren Reichman Lab

  • Investigation of the linkage between changes in land use in the streams of the Golan Heights, and pollutant levels measured downstream utilizing satellite imaging data and time series analysis.


Prof. Giora Rytwo Lab

  • A variety of studies dealing with monitoring and processing organic pollutants in wastewater and other water sources. This includes the development of nanocomposites to deal with microorganisms and algae.
  • The development of a photochemical and photocatalytic processing device for traces of medicines and other organic pollutants.
  • New studies dealing with the elimination of plastic industry byproducts such as BPA and BPS.
  • Development of automatic monitoring of pollutants via spectroscopic means and automatic quantification of opacity substances via measurement of water charge


Prof. Iggy Litaor in collaboration with Prof. Ofer Shir from Computer Sciences

  • Development of Geoinformatics methods adapted to precise agriculture and conservation of irrigation water, smart fertilization and reduction of farmer costs.
  • Development of alternative phosphate fertilizer composed of a combination of iron wastes from desalinization plants and phosphate rich wastewater from cowsheds.


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