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June 2021

The S.E.H. International Challenge

we are happy to share the results of a first cross-cultural, multidisciplinary digital hackathon in collaboration between staff members and students from HNU University of Applied Sciences (Germany) and Tel-Hai academic College (Israel) That occurred on the 17th – 18th of june.
The target of this digital hackathon was to come up with creative solutions for 3 challenges set by Mazor Psychiatric Hospital which was accompanied by Representatives of israeli directorate of government medical centers.
After stressful 36 hours and hard work we had 3 winning teams.


33 master students in biotechnology from tel-hai college participated in the event alongside 9 master students from HNU university in Germany.

9 teams competed ,while demonstrating skills of innovation, creativity, thinking outside the box and teamwork.

On the third place - team #4 (Nasreen Faur, Uri Yaritz, Hanin Matar from Tel-hai, Christina Terenkoff from HNU) who tackled the challenge 'Finding innovative solutions to prevent or reduce the damage of passive smoking and increase enforcement capacity' the solution the team came up with was An augmented reality app for gamified learning.

On the second place - team #8 (Naama Degany, Shlomi Dean, Uria Shoshani, Shira Lederman from Tel-hai, Lisa Dorsch from HNU) who tackled the challenge 'Finding innovative solutions for adjusting the diet of patients in the long-term wards for their mental and physical well-being while preserving the right to personal choice.' the solution the team came up with, was Creating an app that will provide for the patients the option to choose their meals and to rate it afterward.

And the winners are... team #7 (Kathrin Hanna, Raged Taha, Noa Anteby, Tyma Batheesh from Tel-hai, Katharina Wartha from HNU) who also tackled the nutrition challenge. the solution they came up with was 'MAKE YOUR CHOICE!', Adjusting and choosing the meal according to the diet and personal choice by using technology.

The German students who participated in the event took part in a conceptual seminar led by Prof. Dr. Jens Patzman, in which they were required to deepen and investigate the patient experience in psychiatric hospitals while comparing the conditions in Israel and Germany.

Their in-depth research work was presented and reviewed both by Prof. Eli Gimon of the Department of Economics, a senior researcher in the field of entrepreneurship and also by representatives of Mazor Hospital including Dr. Laura Sharoni, Deputy Director of the Hospital.

The event was led by an organizing team from the Tel-hai Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center led by Mira Hershkovitz ,Head of Entrepreneurship and Industrial Relations.

Hopefully this hackathon is the first of many others yet to come.
The event established a warm and long-term relationship between the partners, which undertook to continue to have many and varied collaborations.

A unique cross-cultural digital hackathon is about to kick of !

The S.E.H international challenge Is a fascinating event that is all about entrepreneurship and innovation in the fields of science, environment and human well-being.
Students from Tel-Hai College in Israel will collaborate with students from HNU University in Germany and will compete together to "crack" challenges faced by Mazor Hospital in Israel and will also offer solutions to hospitals throughout Germany.
Additional partners joining the event – Directorate of government medical centers of israel and MIGAL- International Research Institute.

We are excited and looking forward to this exciting and challenging event :)

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