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Academic and Research Development

  • Scholarship programs: merit, financial-aid, community engagement, research


  • Naming of Faculty Chair- Among the most prestigious honors at Tel-Hai College is the bestowal of a Faculty Chair.  The honor distinguishes professors who have made outstanding contributions in their fields of study.  Moreover it is a tribute to the Chair’s patron, an individual who recognizes the value and importance of progressive academic achievement. A Faculty Chair endowment also enables Tel-Hai to compete for mid-career scholars who are in high demand throughout Israel providing a measure of security and stability for the scholar, allowing him or her to focus entirely on scholarly pursuits, unfettered by extraneous fund raising demands. 


  • Faculty Sponsorship is designated for outstanding young faculty members who are in the early years of their professional careers. It is an ideal way to honor and encourage promising young scholars on the tenure track. The establishment of a Faculty Sponsorship is also a means for providing the lecturer with the resources needed to foster excellence in both teaching and research.  The recipient receives an extra-budgetary stipend from the College to assist in his or her research and scholarly endeavors.


  • Tel-Hai Tech - Tel-Hai Tech is a multicultural program open to students of all sectors and religions, which offers computer science students hands-on experience in their field of education and a prospect for permanent employment in the North. The industry on the other hand gains highly skilled workers already qualified for the position. Students chosen to participate in the program receive 5000 NIS for each internship year (for the period of two years).


  • The Support Center for Students with Learning Disabilities - Tel-Hai’s Support Center for Students with Learning Disabilities and Medical Limitations (CLD) breaks new ground by providing personalized guidance to students with a wide range of challenges from a diverse set of backgrounds. The Center’s remarkable success draws students from all over Israel to Tel-Hai, where their talents and motivation are fully appreciated and they are given the tools needed to realize their dreams. Nothing comparable exists in any other institution of higher learning nationwide.


Capital Development

  • Supplementary to the academic development mentioned above, part of the five-year plan is an extensive development of research infrastructure, including:


  • Construction of the Helmsley Science Building for Health, Environmental and Biotechnology Studies, to be used by both faculty and advanced-degree students is scheduled to be completed in January 2022.


  • Conserving the building that was once the settlers' dining hall and is today the bustling home of the Institute's vibrant ceramics department. The preservation and renovation of the dining hall answers several needs that revolve around the story of this special place: preservation of the historic landmark, renovation of facilities for current and future use, and finally, the opportunity to educate young people about the Galilee pioneers– their tenacity, resilience and unyielding pioneering spirit.


  • Student dorms: Completion of the next stage of student housing construction by adding another 132 beds (33 apartments).


  • An Interdisciplinary Therapy Building of 3,000 Square foot is planned for disciplines in the field of therapy. In recent years, master’s degree programs have been developed at the College in the fields of social work, psychology, drama therapy, art therapy, nutrition and education. Experience and professional knowledge accumulated in these fields will be made accessible through offering therapeutic-preventive services to meet the needs of weaker populations in the northern periphery.

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