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The International Academic Affairs Unit is the first contact point for all questions and concerns about internationalisation.

Our engaged team

  • provide support for exchange students who are studying at Tel-Hai College for a limited period of time,
  • strengthen existing collaborations and form collaborations with new partner institutions,
  • run exchange programs for Tel-Hai College students, teachers and researchers,
  • ensure that Tel-Hai College has strong international networks and that all levels of the college benefit from the international cooperation and

Prof. Mooli Lahad Ph.D., Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology & Dramatherapy , Head of the International Academic Affairs Unit

[email protected]

Mrs Natalie Edelman

Natalie Edelman Porat L.LB.

B.A, M.A in Government and political marketing, International Academic Affairs Unit

[email protected]



Mrs Karin Stevenson

Karin Stevenson, MSW, Coordinator

Coordinator (ERASMUS+)

[email protected]

Miss Anna Kirykev

Anna Kirykev, BA Japanese Studies


[email protected]



Izik Stein

Financial Management & Administration

[email protected]

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