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The International Academic Affairs Unit is the first contact point for all questions and concerns about internationalisation.

Our engaged team

  • provide support for exchange students who are studying at Tel-Hai College for a limited period of time,
  • strengthen existing collaborations and form collaborations with new partner institutions,
  • run exchange programs for Tel-Hai College students, teachers and researchers,
  • ensure that Tel-Hai College has strong international networks and that all levels of the college benefit from the international cooperation and

Prof. Mooli Lahad Ph.D., Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology & Dramatherapy , Head of the International Academic Affairs Unit

Mrs Natalie Edelman

Natalie Edelman Porat L.LB.

B.A, M.A in Government and political marketing, International Academic Affairs Unit



Mrs Karin Stevenson

Karin Stevenson, MSW, Coordinator

Coordinator (ERASMUS+)

Mrs Oshrit Shita

Oshrit Shita BA, Design

Media & International Courses Coordinator



Miss Anna Kirykev

Anna Kirykev, BA Japanese Studies




Izik Stein

Financial Management & Administration

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