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The Edith Ennis Centre for Community Services

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The Edith Ennis Centre for Community Services houses an essential component of the curriculum of the Department of Social Work at Tel-Hai College: The Field Education Program. Fieldwork enables students to acquire practical professional experience through hands-on interventions, and trains them to treat and prevent individual and social problems, empowering individuals and communities to realize their potential. The Field Education Program is characterized by the emphasis it lends to three important elements in social work training: individual treatment, specialization in a field of interest, and community work, as well as by the close personal attention granted to students in the program. At all fieldwork venues students have the opportunity to take on the role of the social worker, with close supervision, before entry into the professional world.

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A large portion of social work students' time is devoted to fieldwork beginning in their second year of studies: two full work days (14 hours) in the second year, and two and a half (21 hours) in the third and final year. Second-year students begin fieldwork in individual treatment, mostly in welfare agencies. Third-year students choose a population or theme in which to continue working in individual treatment, while gaining experience in community intervention through work on specific projects in various social service agencies and non-profit organizations.

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