Historical Cartography Research Institute

The Center aims to create a cartographic knowledge base on the Land of Israel in the last 180 years. The center contains more than 24,000 maps, about half of them have already been cataloged, scanned and ready to be used.

The Center is a scientific center whose goal is to initiate, promote and concentrate all the research activity in connection to the maps collection at Tel Hai. The Center aims to create a cartographic knowledge base on the Land of Israel in the last 180 years. Currently, half of the 24,000 maps have been already scanned and catalogued and are available online ( using a dedicated platform for students and researchers from Israel and abroad.

The Center assists in the execution and publication of research papers based on its collections. Moreover, the Center holds seminars, conferences and publications of studies based on the map collection.



Dr. Gad Schaffer

Academic head of the research center

Dr. Gad Schaffer is a lecturer in the Multi-Disciplinary department and in the Galilee Studies department at Tel Hai College (Israel). Dr. Schaffer is a historical geographer and his expertise is in landscape changes in the Land of Israel from the 19th century to the present, based on historical maps, aerial and satellite imagery, and the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Emeritus Prof. Haim Goren

Scientific advisor

Professor Emeritus Haim Goren, historical geographer, specializing and publishing on the topic of European intervention in the land of Israel and the region during the Ottoman period, and especially in the 19th century, literature by travelers and pilgrims to Israel, and the history of scientific research in the Middle East from the 19th century through the First World War. All three areas are expressed in his research and many publications dedicated to the history and development of cartography of the region. Professor Goren consulted and was a partner in the process of establishing Masad Tel-Hai from the very beginning and currently serves as a scientific consultant.

Dr. Alon Margalit

Head of the Tel-Hai Library

Together with Professor Haim Goren, Dr. Margalit established the map collection, developed the Masad Cartography Database and defined the project goals. Dr. Margalit is responsible for developing the collection, establishing connections with outside entities and integrating advanced technologies.

Mr. Shalom Termechy

Head of the map collection

Mr. Termechy is responsible for scanning the maps, creating the informative records and including them in the database. Mr. Termechy has broad knowledge of the modern history of the land of Israel and assists with cartographic inquiries from the public.

Mr. Udi Grossman

Head of GIS

Mr. Udi Grossman is responsible for the GIS (Geographic Information System) platform and creating the informative layers based on the diverse cartographic materials. Mr. Grossman has broad knowledge of the modern history of the land of Israel, provides cartographic consultation and assists with research and documentation of the historical changes that have taken place in the geographic space over time.

The steering committee members of the Center are:

Prof. Gonen Sharon, Prof. Mustafa Abbasi, Prof. Amir Goldstein, Prof. Ziona Grossmark, Dr. Oren Reichman

for further information feel free to contact Dr. Gad Schaffer at [email protected]

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