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The Israeli Government has declared a national program for the promotion of the foodTech in the Galilee which concentrates on creating an infrastructure, a regional "ecosystem" for the advancement of FoodTech and AgroTech. Tel-Hai College, the flagship college of the region plays a significant role in the advancement of this initiative. Within this framework, a National Food Institute at Tel-Hai College will be established as part of the FoodTech Valley in the Galilee.


The National Food Institute will serve as a nexus of innovation and applied research between the academia, the food industry and the FoodTech entrepreneurs. The Center will serve as a critical component in the FoodTech and AgroTech Ecosystem and create new growth and development streams in the Galilee, Israel and worldwide, while training students for careers in this important field. The food institute will promote the Israeli food industry to be innovative, competitive and healthy. For that, the institute will develop and upgrade food products, implement novel production technologies and perform applied research, while establishing the north as the focal point of the Israeli food industry.


Food, nutrition and biotechnology scientists at Tel-Hai conduct research on healthy food and medical food, as well as Total Use, and teach a product development course, in which food science students learn how to develop innovative locally produced food products that are rich in protein, vegan and vegetarian and environmentally-friendly. Research in the Food Sensory lab tackles important issues in our everyday lives.


Additionally, the College has dedicated programs and facilities to advance the Food Tech field. These include:

wine lab
  • a new analytical research lab
  • the most advanced food sensory lab in Israel,
  • a product development kitchen
  • a pilot dairy plant
  • an education winery

How can you support FoodTech in Tel-Hai:

  • Student Research Scholarships
  • Research Equipment
  • Support a Researcher

For further information, please contact Dinah Kagan, [email protected], Director of the Department of Global Partnerships and Development.

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