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  • Prof. Shira Hantman
  • Emerita
  • Social Work
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    • Social Work
    • Gerontology
  • Prof. Shira Hantman is a graduate of Tel Aviv University Department of Social Work and an expert with over 40 years experience in the field of gerontology. Formally head of the Social Work Department, and then Dean of the faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities, she is currently the Vice President for Academic affairs at Tel-Hai College in the Upper Galilee, Israel. She also chairs several committees in the field of aging, among them the Gerontology Accreditation Committee at Israel’s National Association of Social Workers.  Prof. Hantman is author of the book "The Sandwich Generation" and has published extensively in the field of gerontology, specifically on the topics of intergenerational family relationships, trauma, Holocaust survivors, Gerontological Social Work and forgiveness.

  • 1.    The effect of parental care on sibling relationships in late life families
    2.    Reactivated trauma in Holocaust survivors
    3.   Involving older people in teaching Gerontological Social Work
    4.    Old people as entrepreneurs


  • Tel Hai College

    2002- 2007

    Intergenerational relations – 1st year BA students

    Social Issues in Aging

    2002- 2009

    Social Gerontology – 2nd year B.A. students

    Second year SW Methods Course


    Research Seminar in Aging – 3rd year B.A. students

    Social Work with the Aged –3rd year B.A. students

    2009 –

    Master Program Practicum

    Intergenerational relations (Master Program)

    Bob Shapell School of Social Work, Tel-Aviv University

    1994-1996 - Intergenerational relations in the family

    1995-1997 - Second year Social Work Methods Course

    1997- Social Work with the Aged – 3rd year B.A.

    1998 - First Year Social Work Methods Course

    1999 – 2002

    Social Issues in Midlife and Aging – B.A. and Master students


    Supervision of Master’s and doctoral degree students

    2000 – Master's Practicum (co-supervisor – Dr. M. Golan) – Developing a support program for community dwelling elderly

    2001 – Master's Practicum (co-supervisor – Dr. M. Golan) – Group support program for caregivers. Student Hanna Shneiderman

    2004 – Tel-Aviv University - (co-supervisor – Dr. M. Sherer) – "Changing attitudes of children toward elderly people by children's stories". Student Ronit Eisenstadt

    2008 – Haifa University (co-supervisor – Pro. Miri Cohen) – "Caring for the aged in the kibbutz." Student Carmela Azulai

    2011 – Haifa University (co-supervisor – Dr. Israel Doron) – "Attitudes of the elderly toward the justice system, Michal Segal


  • •    1996 – Zipora Alon Scholarship, Tel-Aviv University, 8,000 NIS. One year
    •    1998 – Israel Cancer Association, PhD Scholarship in cooperation with Prof. Zahava Solomon & Prof. Yoav Horn
    •    2000 - The G Sweden Doctoral Fellowship Fund, Tel-Aviv University, 10,000 NIS. One year
    •    2000 - Brookdale Institute for Gerontological Research, 5,000 NIS. One Year
    •    2007 - UJA Federation of NY, $50,000 in cooperation with Prof. Shaul Kimhi, Prof. Yochi Eshel, Dr. Lihu Zisberg. One year
    •    2008 - Templeton Foundation, $22,000 in cooperation with Prof. R. Greene from University of Texas, USA. Two years
    •    2008 – Legacy Heritage Fund, $1,300,000. For community projects and research evaluating the programs. Three years
    •    2010 – British Council, 25,000£ in cooperation with Prof. Shula Ramon, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, GB. One Year
    •    2014 - * פרס הוקרה במשותף עם ג'וינט אשל ישראל לתכנית המיזם החברתי שמעודד גמלאים ליזום פעילות עסקית. ניתן ע"י International Association of Jewish Vocational Services

    2013: מענק עידוד בסך 5000 ₪ מקרן המחקר של תל-חי ומיג"ל בגין הצעת מחקר במסגרת קונסורציום שהוגשה ונדחתה ע"י התכנית השביעית של האיחוד האירופאי.  
    •    The impact of ageing societies on public finances in Europe. Research proposal # SSH.2013.1.3-1. Submitted in 2013 to the European commission through consortium headed by Prof. Zofia Wysokinska from Poland.  Researchers in Israel: Shira Hantman, Eli Gimmon, Israel Doron, Nir Becker.

    •    Research grant requested from ISF (Israel Science Foundation). Grant Application no. 1351/14 - נושא Topic: "Entrepreneurs and Non-Entrepreneurs in Later Life: Comparing Characteristics, Attributes and Benefits". Researchers: Gimmon Eli, Hantman Shira, Becker Nir.

  • IARU "Conference”Cultures of Health and Aging?” 20-­‐21June, 2014. Copenhagen, Denmark. "Dare to dream: New venture incubator for older adults."
    National Association of Social Workers Conference, Restoring Hope: The Power of Social Work. July 22 -July 25 2012 in Washington, DC. "Is there hope for Holocaust survivors?"
    Trauma through the Life Cycle, International Conference, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, January, 2012. "Family dynamics, the Nazi Holocaust and mental health treatment: A shift in paradigm" 
    National conference of Israel Association of Social work, June, Tel Aviv 2010, "Collaborative teaching model of Gerontological social work: Preliminary findings"
    Israel Gerontological Society Biannial 18th Conference, Tel Aviv, 2010
    1.    Collaborative teaching of Gerontological social work
    2.    Intergenerational meetings – from theory to practice  
    CSWE, San Antonio Texas, USA, 2009, "Special session on forgiveness and Aging – Israeli/American collaboration "
    IAGG 16th World Congress, Paris, France, 2009, "Special session on forgiveness and aging – Israeli/American collaboration "
    Paul Baerwauld School of Social Work, 50th Anniversary conference, Jerusalem, 2009.
    "Teaching Gerontological Social Work in communities of practice"
    Galilee Research Conference, Tel-Hai College summer conferences, 2006, "Aging in place"
    Conference of the European Behavioral and Social Science section of the IAG and the ESA – Research Network Ageing Europe “Values and Norms in Aging”, Galway, Ireland, 2006. "Aging and Forgiveness"
    Israel Gerontological Society Biannial 16th Conference, Tel Aviv, 2005
    1.    "Can Holocaust survivors forgive?"
    2.    Resilience in treating the elderly" workshop given with Prof. Roberta Greene of Austin, Texas
    CSWE Annual Conference, New York City, 2005, “Residential Social Workers: Towards a redefinition of role”
    Conference of schools of social work in Israel, Haifa, 2004, "On the front line: Social workers in hospitals dealing with terror"
    Israel Gerontological Society 15th biannial Conference, Tel Aviv, 2003
    1.    "The importance of the family to old people"
    2.    "Institutional services vs. Community services"
    International Conference of Jewish Community Services, Jerusalem, 2003, "Intergenerational relations in the family and community"
    Amcha Conference on Treatment of Holocaust Survivors, Tel Aviv, 2002, "Recurrent exposure to trauma: Holocaust survivors cope with personal and national stress.
    17th World Congress of the International Association of Gerontology, Vancouver, Canada, 2001, “Reactivated Trauma: The Holocaust Survivor Copes with Cancer” 
    Israel Gerontological Society 14th Conference, Tel Aviv, 2001, "Recurrent exposure to trauma:Holocaust survivors cope with cancer"
    IVth European Congress of Gerontology, Berlin, Germany, 1999, “Empowerment of Nursing home residents in light of the Law of Patient's Rights”
    Israel Gerontological Society 13th Conference, Tel Aviv, 1999.
    1.    "Patient's Rights Law: A leverage to the empowerment of the elderly"
    2.    "Is the kibbutz prepared for the aging of its members?" 
    International Conference for Social Workers, Jerusalem, 1998, "Teaching social involvement as part of the methods course"
     Israel Gerontological Society 12th Conference, Tel Aviv, 1993, "Aged coping during the Gulf War"
    Israel Gerontological Society 11th Conference, Tel Aviv, 1990, "Caring for the elderly: Characteristics and problems"
    National study day for social workers and nurses, Sheba medical Center, 1986,  "Issues in caring for the elderly"
    First Israeli Conference on the use of Audio-visual equipment in teaching Gerontological Social Work, Tel Aviv, 1986, "Adding meaning to teaching gerontological social work"
    Symposium on Aging in the Jewish World, Jerusalem, 1985, "The Family and the Elderly in a Changing Society"
    Israel Geronotological Society 10th conference, 1980, "Caring for the aged at home"
    International Conference for Rehabilitation, Tel Aviv, 1977, "A home care program for patients suffering for a terminal illness"
    Israel Gerontological Society 9th Conference, 1976, "Homecare programs for the elderly"