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  • Dr. Yaron Yagil
  • Senior Lecturer
  • Social Work
  • +972(0)527079902
  • [email protected]
    • Solution focused approach
    • Client's needs assessment & Intervention Planning
    • Health social work
  • (i) Psychosocial issues in illness and health: quality of life, psychological well being and related variables (e.g.,body-image); (ii) Clinical assessment, judgment, decision making, use of professional knowledge  and intervention planning.

  • 1996-1999      Tel Aviv University, Bob Shapell School of Social Work, Research assistant and teaching assistant:

    •Social work intervention methods (undergraduate)

    •Training in bibliography and scientific writing (undergraduate)

    •Introduction to computer skills (undergraduate)

    2000-2006      Tel Aviv University, Bob Shapell School of Social Work, Junior teaching staff member

    •Introduction to social welfare (undergraduate)

    •Theory of welfare organizations (undergraduate)

    •Data analysis using SPSS (graduate)

    2003-2004      Tel Aviv University, Sackler Medical School, Program for Advanced Training of Doctors Specializing in Oncology, Guest Lecturer

    •Lecture series on critical reading of medical research (half semester)

    2006-2007      Israel Academic College, Department of Nursing, Master's Degree Program in Health Administration

    •Introduction to welfare policy in the healthcare system (graduate)

    2007-2010      Tel Hai College, Department of Multidisciplinary Studies, Adjunct Lecturer

    •Introduction to social psychology (undergraduate)

    •Research seminar on personal strengths and their implications (undergraduate)

    2007-2016      Ashkelon College, School of Social Work, Senior lecturer

    •Group intervention methods (introductory course) (undergraduate)

    •Group facilitation (advanced course) (undergraduate)

    •Research methods 1 (undergraduate)

    •Research methods 2 (parallel to research seminar) (undergraduate)

    •Psychopathology (undergraduate)

    •Qualitative research methods (undergraduate)

    •Personality theories (undergraduate)

    •Introduction to psychology

    2011-2016      Tel Hai College, Department of Education

    •Research seminar on the subject of lifelong learning (undergraduate)

    •Personality theories (undergraduate)

    •Introduction to psychology (undergraduate)

    •Psychopathology (1 & 2) (undergraduate)

    •System-wide aspects of special education (undergraduate)

    2009-2017      Tel Hai College, Department of Social Work, first as adjunct teacher, currently at rank of lecturer

    •Understanding the child: Basic knowledge of the processes children experience in normative development (undergraduate)

    •Social work with adolescents (undergraduate)

    •Social work intervention methods 1 (undergraduate)

    •Research seminar on strengths and resilience (undergraduate)

    •Research seminar on professional knowledge: Processes of acquisition and application (undergraduate)

    •Introduction to social work (undergraduate)

    •Introduction to psychology (undergraduate)

    •Organizations in the community (undergraduate)

    •Group work (undergraduate)

    •Academic skills for the advanced (graduate)

    •Course accompanying practical training in the healthcare system (undergraduate)

    •Solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT) (graduate)