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  • Dr. Andrea Szuchman-Sapir
  • Senior Lecturer
  • Nutritional Sciences
  • Biotechnology - B.Sc. Program, Food Sciences - B.Sc. Program
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    • Nutrition
    • Chemistry
    • Health
  • 1. Blood pressure regulatory pathways through the metabolism of the Arachidonic Acid: Endothelial cells control the tone of the underlying vascular smooth muscle cells by releasing endothelial derived hyperpolarizing factors (EDHF). Among the EDHF are the metabolites of the arachidonic acid. The main goal of this study is to explore the effect of these metabolites on cellular hyperpolarization, and the involvement of the Paraoxonase 1 (PON1) enzyme on this pathway. 

    2. Albumin posttranslational modifications effect on endothelial dysfunction in chronic kidney disease: Patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) experience accelerated cardiovascular disease (CVD) leading to excessive morbidity and mortality. Oxidative Stress (OS) and inflammation, prevalent among patients, are involved in endothelial injury, underlying CVD. During oxidative stress proteins, albumin, the major plasma protein, undergoes post translational modifications. The main objective of this study is to elucidate the structural changes and modifications occurring in albumin and their effect on redox signaling mediating endothelial dysfunction.

  • -    Lecturer at the Tel-Hai College; General chemistry, Human Nutrition, and Lipids in health and disease.