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faculty member

  • Dr. Sandy Habib
  • Senior Lecturer
  • Campus of Innovation in Teacher Education
  • English Language
  • [email protected]
  • Sandy specializes in semantics, the study of meaning; in particular, he is interested in the interface between language and culture and also between language and theology. His preferred method is the Natural Semantic Metalanguage (NSM), a theory developed by Prof. Anna Wierzbicka (ANU, Australia), Prof. Cliff Goddard (Griffith University, Australia), and colleagues.

  • Sandy earned his Ph.D. in linguistics (with distinction) from the University of New England, Australia. He has a B.A. in Teacher Education, as well as a B.A. and M.A. in the English Language and Literature, from Haifa University, Israel. He also has an S.T.B. (summa cum laude) from the Salesian Pontifical University’s Faculty of Theology—Jerusalem Campus. He teaches at Tel-Hai's English Teacher Education Program. Additionally, he is a Catholic priest serving in the Maronite Archdiocese of Haifa and the Holy Land.

  • Sandy teaches the following courses:

    • Morphology
    • Phonetics & Phonology
    • Syntax
    • Semantics & Pragmatics
    • History of the English Language
    • Language, Meaning, and Culture
    • Using Technology & Learning in a Multicultural Society

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