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  • Dr. Anat Ben-Gal Dahan
  • Lecturer
  • Education
  • Education M.A.
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  • My name is Anat, and I am mainly interested in people.
    My research interests concern the relationship between learning and mental health, communication in education, youth at risk, learning disabilities and psychotherapy. Recently, I have been interested in and researching emotional processes that characterize a population that has lived for many years under the shadow of continuous terrorism.

  • 1992-1996 David Yellin Academic College of Education in Jerusalem. Bachelor's degree studies in biology and chemistry education. B.Ed. awarded 1 January 1997.
    1998 Tel-Aviv University, School of Education. Master's-degree studies in curriculum development. (completed part of the program)
    1999-2001 University of Haifa, Faculty of Education. M.A., Department of Learning Disabilities, School of Education. Degree awarded 20 June 2005. Supervisor: Professor Avigdor Klingman.
    2006-2012 University of Haifa, Interdisciplinary Studies (Learning Disabilities and Mental Health). Ph.D. Supervisors: Professor Danny Koren (Chairman of the Steering Committee), Professor Alan Apter, Professor Michal Shany.
    2012-2013 Tel-Aviv University, Sackler Faculty of Medicine, School of Continuing Medical Education. Studies in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. No supervision. First year of two-year study track (100 credits).
    2017-2019 Program for Outstanding Lecturers, Mofet Institute. Post-doctoral studies. Host: Professor Mario Mikulincer. Research topic: The "emotionally available" teacher: Perceptions of the teacher as a safe base among at-risk and anxious high-school students.
    2021-- University of Haifa, Psychotherapy studies.

    1. Research Grants

    2013                  Initial study on genetic susceptibility of people with ADHD to develop schizophrenia. Tel-Hai Research Authority and Migal (Galilee Research Institute). Joint research with Mazra Mental Health Center; further grant from the Biomedical Administration in the Galilee. NIS  5000

    2020-2021         The search for an attachment figure among young women at risk. Tel-Hai College. NIS 6000.

    2021                  The emotional availability of the staff of the Suport Center for Students with Learning Disiabilities and its association with academic functioning and perseverance in studies. Unit for Gender Equality, Tel-Hai College. NIS 6000.

    2021    Graduates of the Nirim Youth Village. David Friedman Fund. NIS 45,000. (Project leader and manager).

  • 2006-2013    Head of the Learning Disabilities Program (B.A.), Department of Education, Tel-Hai College.

    2019                Member, Academic team for establishment of a Faculty of Education, as part of the merger of Tel-Hai and Ohalo Colleges.

    8/2020          Researcher, Education R&D, Shamir Research Institute.

    2012--     Academic advisor and director of diagnostics, Support and accessibility center for students with unique needs, Tel-Hai College. 

    2022--         Head of the Unique populations and special education Program (B.A.), Department of Education, Tel-Hai College.


    • Courses taught in the past five years:
      • Attachment in education and social-educational learning (undergraduate and graduate)
      • Learning and factors that affect its effectiveness (undergraduate)
      • Learning disabilities from the perspective of the education and health system (graduate)
      • Holistic observation of learning disabilities and attention deficit (undergraduate seminar)
      • Theoretical and practical aspects in the diagnosis of learning disabilities (undergraduate and graduate)
  • 2000                  Excellence scholarship for master's-degree studies. University of Haifa . NIS 7,000. 

    2006-2009         Study and Research Scholarship for Doctoral Students, Graduate Studies Authority of the University of Haifa. Total sum: NIS 132,000.

    2010                  Outstanding Lecturer, Department of Education, Tel-Hai College.

    2012                  Candidate for the Matanel Prize for Education.

    2014-2015         College-wide Outstanding Lecturer Award. Tel-Hai College.

    2015-2016         Outstanding Lecturer Award. Annual excellence award for teaching and contribution to the college. Tel-Hai College.

    2016-2017         Outstanding Lecturer. Annual excellence award for teaching and contribution to the college. Tel-Hai College.

    2017-2019         Scholarship for post-doctoral studies, Program for Outstanding Lecturers, Mofet Institute. NIS 108,000 over two years.

    2022-2023         Outstanding Lecturer Award. Annual excellence award for teaching and contribution to the college. Tel-Hai College.

  • Ben-Gal Dahan, A., & Hertz, T. (2022). Attachment Orientations and School Persistence in Academic Tasks among At-Risk, Educationally Excluded Students: The Mediating Role of Perceived Teacher Emotional Availability. Journal of Education for Students Place at Risk (JESPAR).

            doi: 10.1080/10824669.2022.2102983 (ranked Q1).

    Ben-Gal Dahan, A., & Mikulincer, M. (2020). Attachment and task persistence: Attachment orientations, perception of teacher’s responsiveness and adolescents’ persistence in academic tasks. Attachment and Human Development.  doi:10.1080/14616734.2020.1865425 (ranked Q1)

    Ben-Gal Dahan, A., & Koren, D. (in press). Basic learning functions among young adults with schizophrenia.  International Journal of Mental Health.      10.1080/00207411.2022.2108988 (ranked Q3)

    Ben-Gal Dahan, A., & Koren. D. (2022). The academic developmental of young adults with schizophrenia prior to the first onset of their illness. Iyunim Bahinukh,21, 166-187. (Hebrew)

    Ben-Gal Dahan, A., & Koren, D. (in press). The educational experiences of people with schizophrenia before the onset of their illness. Rav-Gevanim. (Hebrew)

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