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faculty member

  • Dr.

    Elazer Birnbaum
  • Lecturer

  • Computer Science - B.Sc. Program
  • 04-6850321
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Algorithms in Logic
  • Algorithms in Logic, Artificial Intelligence, Error-correcting Codes.


  • o    Teaching in academic institutions:
    1989-1991: Lifshitz College for Education, Jerusalem
    1990-1991: Computer Science Department, Open University of Israel
    1990-1998: Computer Science Department, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
    1995-2007: Computer Science Department, Hadassah College, Jerusalem
    2001: Computer Science Department, Jordan Valley College
    2007-present: Computer Science Department, Tel-Hai College, Upper Galilee

    o    Courses taught in the past five years:
    Discrete Mathematics (undergraduate)
    Automata and Formal Languages (undergraduate)
    Artificial Intelligence (undergraduate)
    Computability and Complexity (undergraduate)
    Compilers (undergraduate)

  • Excellent Lecturer for 2009-2010 year

    Excellent Lecturer for 2012-2013 year

    Excellent Lecturer for 2015-2016 year