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  • Dr. Orr Levental
  • Senior Lecturer
  • Campus of Innovation in Teacher Education
  • +972(0)525131010
  • [email protected]
  • Geography and Sociology of Sport and Sport fandom

  • A senior lecturer and researcher in geography and sociology
    of sports and currently serves as the head of the Leisure and Recreation Program and
    the head of the Research Center for Sports and Physical Activity in Tel Hai Academic

  • Levental O., Carmi U., Lev A. (2021) Jinx, control and the necessity of adjustment: Superstitions among Football Fans, Frontiers in Psychology

    Levental O., Yaffe Y., Noy R., Sharabi U., Ben-Eli M., (2021) Attachment Style and Adult Patterns of Sports Fan Devotion, Psychology of Sports and Exercise, 56,

    Levental, O., & Nudelman, S. B. A. (2021). How football fans perceive sports heroes–The case of Israel. Physical Culture and Sport, 90(1), 10-19.

    Levental O., (2020) Built Heritage or Lost Nostalgia: Israeli fans and the conservation of sports venues, Israel Studies 26(4) 573-584

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