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  • Dr. Gal Hagit Carasso Romano
  • Lecturer
  • Multidisciplinary Studies
  • +972(0)523523354
  • [email protected]
  • Sustainability, Environment, Health, Society, Local Government

  • Researcher and lecturer for Sustainability, local government, and municipal economic sustainable development.
    Currently serves as the Head of Sustainability program and Academic director of the cadet program for local government administration at Tel Hai Academic College.
    I served as a scientific advisor to Mr. Mordechai Cohen, former CEO of the Ministry of the Interior. As part of this role, I led an interdisciplinary team including various government ministries, Academics, and private bodies to develop tools for municipal economic and sustainable development. Products of this team were presented at the UN Habitat Conference. I have also co-led an OECD workshop on economic development in rural authorities. In collaboration with the director of the Economic Development Division of the Ministry of the Interior, we wrote a study analyzing the economic disparities between local authorities in Israel.
    I hold a Postdoctoral fellowship from Columbia University in New York, and a graduate of MIMSHAK Program for Training Scientists as Advisors to Senior Government Officials.

  • Urban and Municipal sustainable development, Health and environment

  • Introduction to Sustainability

    Health and Environment

    Municipal Economy

    Urban sustainable Development

  • 2010-2012

    The Machiah Foundation Fellowship for Israeli scientist


    Edmond J. Safra Scholarship for Interdisciplinary excellence in the field of Bioinformatics


    Israel Ministry of Science – The Eshkol Fellowship Program for outstanding research


    The Lindau Nobel Laureate Travel Scholarship award to meet with Nobel Laureates


    Tel Aviv University - Scholarship for academic and teaching achievements


    The Genetic Society of Israel – Frontiers in genetics. Winner of best poster for 2005


    Joan and Jaime Constantiner Travel Scholarship Award to present in Princeton University


    Dr. Anat Krauskopf Travel Scholarship Award


    Tel Aviv University Scholarship for academic and teaching achievements


    Wolf Foundation prize for academic excellence

  • 1. Noga Mostovoy, Gal H.Carasso Romano, Dan Rabinowitz, Sharon Soroker, Nurit Carmi (2021) “The municipal council, my neighbors and me: Social environmental influences in the city”. Journal of Environmental Management doi:10.1016/j.jenvman.2021.112393

    2. סיון להבי וגל חגית רומנו (2016), ניתוח הפערים בין רשויות מקומיות בישראל. משרד הפנים
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