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  • Dr. Yousef Jabareen
  • Senior Lecturer
  • Education
  • Multidisciplinary Studies - B.A.
  • +972(0)50-5530537
  • [email protected]
  • Tel Hai Academic College, Department of Education, Tel Hai, Israel      2009-present Senior Lecturer                                                                           2015-present

    Head of the Social Studies sub-department,                                                 2013-2015

    Course: Human Rights, Law and Education, Multiculturalism and Education, Law and Social Policy, Law and Conflict Resolution, Arab-Jewish Relations in Israel.     

    Arab American College, Givat Haviva, Israel                                             2021-present

    Adjunct Lecturer,

    Course: International Public Law, Introduction to Israeli Law.


    University of Haifa, Law Faculty, Haifa, Israel                                               2004-2015

    Adjunct Lecturer,

    Course: The Legal Status of the Arab Minority in Israel; Legal Clinic on Law and the Arab Minority in Israel.


    Tel Aviv University, Law Faculty, Tel Aviv, Israel                                       2004-2009

    Adjunct Lecturer, Course: Law and Social Change; The Rights of Minority Groups.


    American University, Washington College of Law, DC                        8/2002-12/2003

    Professorial Lecturer, Course: Advanced International Human Rights Advocacy.


    University of Maryland, Center for Jewish Studies, College Park, MD        2002-2003

    Adjunct Lecturer, Course: Arab Society in Israel.


  • Grant Recipient, Council of Higher Education, Arab Lecturer with Distinction       

    Tel Hai Academic College                                                                             2011-2014

    Fellow, European Union Visitors Program, Brussels                                 11-16/4/2010

    Grant Recipient, New Israel Fund Planning Grant

    Dirasat: The Arab Center for Law and Policy                                        1/2007-12/2007

    Fellow, Vidal Angel Postdoctoral Fellowship, Minerva Center for Human Rights  The Hebrew University of Jerusalem                                                     10/2006-9/2007

    Fellow, The Max Planck Institute (MPI) for International and Comparative Public Law, Heidelberg, Germany                                                                                   7-10/2005

    Fellow, The Gilo Center for Citizenship, Democracy and Civic Education,

    The Hebrew University of Jerusalem                                                     10/2004-6/2005


    Law Fellow, International Human Rights Internship Program (IHRIP)                    9-12/2003                       

    Fellow, Salzburg Seminar: Community Leadership and Policy Change           12/2001

    Fellow, Israeli-Arab Scholarship Program, US Department of State     


    National Arab Student Union Award for Student Leadership                                 1999

    Law Fellow, New Israel Fund U.S.-Israel Civil Liberties Program                1996-1997

    Israel Ministry of Education Award for Student Leadership                                   1990

  • Edited Books

    • Ozaky-Lazar, S. & Jabareen, Y. eds., (2017). Conditional Citizenship: On Citizenship, Equality and Offensive Legislation (Pardes Publishing, Haifa) (Hebrew).
    • Jabareen, Y. & Mustafa, M. (Eds.). (2013). Local Government in Palestinian Society in Israel: Political, Management and Legal Aspects (Pardes Publishing, Haifa) (Hebrew).



    • Jabareen, Yousef T. (2022). Linguistic Rights for Minorities and the Quest for Equality: The Case of Arab-Palestinians in Israel, Journal of Law and Social Change, Vol. 25(4): 259-286.


    • Kasler, J., and Jabareen. Y. (2022). The LD Train Has Left the Station, but Not for Everyone: The Forgotten Palestinian Children in Israel with Learning Disabilities. The International Journal of Learner Diversity and Identities, Vol. 29 (2): 1-17. 


    • Magadley, W., Amara, M., Jabareen, Y. (2019). Alternative Education in Palestinian-Arab Society in Israel: Rationale and Characteristics, International Journal of Educational Development, Vol. 67: 85-93.


    • Daoud, N., Alfayumi-Zeadan, S., Jabareen, Y. (2018). Barriers to Health Care Services Among Palestinian Women Denied Family Unification in Israel, International Journal of Health Services, Vol. 48(4):776-797.


    • Jabareen, Yousef T. (2018). Enshrining Exclusion: The Nation-State Law and the Arab-Palestinian Minority in Israel, in: Defining Israel: The Jewish State, Democracy, and the Law, Simon Rabinovitch ed. 249-63 (Cincinnati, OH: Hebrew Union College Press, 2018).


    • Jabareen, Y. & Agbaria A. (2017). Minority Educational Autonomy Rights: the Case of Arab-Palestinians in Israel, The Virginia Journal of Social Policy & the Law, Vol. 24(1): 25-55.


    • Kasler, J. & Jabareen, Y. (2017). Triple Jeopardy: Special Education for Palestinians in Israel, International Journal of Inclusive Education, Vol. 21(12): 1261-1275.


    • Jabareen, Yousef T. (2017). Deepening Exclusion: On the Bill of “Israel: The Nation State of the Jewish People”, in: Conditional Citizenship: On Citizenship, Equality and Offensive Legislation (S. Ozaky-Lazar & Jabareen, eds.) (Pardes Publishing, Haifa) (Hebrew).


    • Jabareen, Y. & Vilkomerson, R. (2016). The Place of Organizations for Promotion of Policy in Divided Societies: Towards Significant Empowerment of Excluded Groups, Public Sphere: Journal of Politics and Society, Vol. 11: 92-119 (Tel Aviv University) (Hebrew).


    • Hager, T. & Jabareen, Y. (2016). From Marginalization to Integration: Arab-Palestinians in Israeli Academia, International Journal of Inclusive Education, Vol. 20(5):1-19.


    • Jabareen, Yousef T. (2015). The Arab-Palestinian Community in Israel: A Test Case for Collective Rights Under International Law, The George Washington International Law Review, Vol. 47(3): 449-480.


    • Agbaria, A. & Jabareen, Y. (2015). Policy on Arab Teacher Training in Israel from the Perspective of the Right to Education: Governance as an Expression of Recognition of National-Cultural Uniqueness, Dapim: Journal of Educational Research, Vol. 60: 11-35. (Heb.)


    • Jabareen, Y. & Vilkomerson, R. (2014). Public Policy in Divided Societies: The Role of Policy Institutes in Advancing Marginalized Groups, Innovation: The European Journal For Social Science Research, Vol. 27(1): 46-66.


    • Daoud, N., & Jabareen, Y. (2014). Depressive Symptoms Among Arab Bedouin Women Whose Houses are Under Threat of Demolition in Southern Israel: A Right to Housing Issue, Health and Human Rights Journal, Vol. 16(1): 179 - 191.


    • Agbaria, A., Mustafa, M., Jabareen Y. (2014). ‘In your face’ democracy: education for belonging and its challenges in Israel, British Educational Research Journal, 41(1): 143-175.



    • Jabareen, Yousef T. (2013). The Politics of Equality: The Limits of Collective Rights Litigation and the Case of the Palestinian-Arab Minority in Israel, Columbia Journal of Race and Law, Vol. 4(1): 23-54.



    • Jabareen, Y. & Mostafa, M. (2013). The Arab Spring: A Human Rights' Perspective, in Interpreting the Arab Spring: Significance of the New Arab Awakening 77- 96 (P. Singh & K. Chatterjee, eds.) (KolKata: Calcutta University, 2013).






    • Jabareen, Yousef T. (2010). Critical Perspectives on Law, Equal Citizenship and Transformation, in: Plurality and Citizenship in Israel 68 (D. Avnon and Y. Benziman, eds.) (Rutledge, 2010).





    • Jabareen, Jousef T. (2009). Arabes israéliens dans un Etat juif : une citoyenneté de seconde zone, Les Cathiers De L'orient, Eté 2009. N° 95: 47-58. (French)


    • Jabareen, Yousef T. (2008). Constitution Building and Equality in Deeply-Divided Societies: The Case of the Arab Minority in Israel, Wisconsin International Law Journal, Vol. 26(2): 345-402.


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    • Jabareen, Yousef T. (2007). “Adequate Representation” of the Arab Population in Israel: Who is the Representative? How Many is Adequate and for Whom is it Adequate? Organizational Analysis, Issue11 (2007) (Hebrew).


    • Jabareen, Yousef T. (2007). Non-Governmental Organizations as a Political Alternative: a Critical Look, The Arab Minority in Israel and the 17th Knesset Election, E. Rekhess (ed.) (Tel Aviv University, 2007) (Hebrew).
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