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  • Ms. Yosefa kachal
  • Lecturer
  • Nutritional Sciences
  • Nutritional Sciences – M.Sc
  • +972(0)0506242280
  • [email protected]
  • Public health nutrition

    Geriatric nutrition


    Oral health

  • Date and place of birth: February 10, 1953, Johannesburg, South.Africa.
    Immigration date: October, 1954.
    Home address: 39 Nachal Lachish St., Ashdod 77707, Israel.
    Tel.: (08) 8641464.
    Office address: Tel Hai college
    1972 - 1975: Faculty of Agriculture, Hebrew University of Jerusalem,
    B.Sc. degree in Human Nutrition.
    1996 - 2002: Brown medical school, School of Public Health, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
    MPH (Masters in Public Health) . Thesis: Effect of Folate, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 on Homocysteine Levels in Free Living Elderly.
    Retired from the ministry of health in 2000

    1976 - 1992: Head District Dietician, District Health Office, Ministry of Health,
    Haifa, Israel.
    1992 - 2000: Head District Dietician, District Health Office, Barzilai
    Medical Center, Ministry of Health Ashkelon 78306, Israel.
    2000-2020 Dietician, Head Geriatric Nutrition, Division of Nutrition, Ministry of Health, Jerusalem

  • 1985 - 1990: Lecturer in Nutrition, Rambam Nursing School, Haifa, Israel.

    1993 2000: Instructor within a workshop for internship students in nutrition  
                            “Professional Education of The Community Nutritionist”, Barzilai

                            Medical Center, Ministry of Health Ashkelon 78306, Israel.

    1994 - 2000: Lecturer in Nutrition, Barzilai Nursing School, Ashkelon, Israel.

    1995 - 2011: Visiting Lecturer in 3 courses “Public Health Nutrition”, “The Community     Nutritionist”,  Introduction to Research Methods in health and Nutrition. School of Nutritional  Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Hebrew University of   Jerusalem, Rehovot, Israel.

    2002-present: Visiting Lecturer in nutrition, School of Nutritional Sciences, Tel-Hai College, affiliated to the Haifa University, Haifa, Israel.


  • Honors and Awards

    The Brown Prize for the Best Health Professional Team in Kupat Cholim Klalit, Haifa District, Israel, 1987.

    Honorary Award for the Best Professional Worker, Barzilai Medical Center, Ministry of Health Ashkelon, 1996.

    Honorary Award for the Best Professional Worker, Ministry of Health, Jerusalem, Israel, 1996.

    Ministry of Health Award for Excellent Program in Nutritional Health Promotion in Kindergartens in Ashkelon, 1998.

    Recipient of a research grant from “Miphal Hapayis”, 1999.

    Minister of Health Honorary Award for the Best Program in ‘Health Promotion at the Workplace (Ashkelon)’, Ministry of Health, 2001.

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