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  • Prof. Iggy Litaor
  • Professor
  • Water Sciences
  • Biotechnology - B.Sc. Program, Environmental Sciences - B.Sc. Program
  • +972(0)546780076
    • Geology
    • Geophysics
    • Planetary Sciences.
  • I am the head of the Hydro-geochemistry lab in MIGAL located in Tel Hai industrial park. I have been involved in research of soil & water and snow dynamics in the Colorado Front Range since 1981 to present. Between 1990 and 1996 I studied the fate and transport of radionuclides (Pu, Am & U) around a nuclear facility and their potential influence on residential areas around the site. Since 1996 I have been conducting research on the hydro-geochemistry of P in wetlands and in altered wetland soils. The studies encompass the assessment of the mineralogy, sorption-desorption mechanisms, fate and transport in highly fractured peat environs, development of P recycling technologies, and the impact of various land use and land use change on P transport to waterways. More recently, I have developed & evaluated aerated cells technology for the treatment of organic-laden wastewater. I also involve in the study of salinity processes in altered wetland soils, the influence of compost and zeolites additions on K availability in selected crops and the usage of proximal soil survey techniques to assess the spatiotemporal variability and availability of water and nutrients. Finally, I am studying the ornitogenic impact on soils and constructed wetlands in highly intensive farming setting.

  • In the last 18 years I have taught various courses including Introduction to Soil and Water Science, Environment and Society, Global Change, Hydrogeology, Biogeochemistry and Introduction to Geology.