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faculty member

  • Dr.

    Liora Shaltiel Harpaz
  • Lecturer

  • Biotechnology - B.Sc. Program, Environmental Sciences - B.Sc. Program, Water Sciences M.SC
  • 04 6934797, 0507965272
    • Entomology
    • Ecology
    • Biology
  • •    Development of decision making tools for IPM of Tuta absulota  in open field tomatoes.  
    •    The use of resistant pear trees in order to control pear psylla.
    •    Monitoring biodiversity in agricultural ecosystems- Crop fields.  
    •    Reduction of Rhizoglyphus robini damage to onion and garlic by implementing compost for the suppression of Fusarium oxysporum. 
    •    Development of Economic injury level of cereal aphids in wheat to prevent crop damage. 
    •    Processing of agricultural plant waste, using the black soldier fly, for receiving compost and protein-rich animal feed.


  • 2006-present, Tel Hai academic collage-departments of biotechnology and of environmental studies: 
    •    Biological control Agriculture and environment *
    •    Projects in environmental studies.*
    •    Ecological methodology
    •    First research Seminar in environmental studies*.
    •    Pests in agriculture*
    •    Workshop of applied ecology
    •    Environmental issues -events and meetings * 
               *are taught at 2014-2015 academic year