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  • Prof.

    Segula Masaphy
  • Associate Professor

  • Biotechnology - B.Sc. Program, Biotechnology - M.Sc. Program, Food Sciences - B.Sc. Program, Water Sciences M.SC
  • 04-8181716 ; 050-2358570
    • Agriculture
    • Ecology
    • Biotechnology
  • :   Applied Mycology. 
               (a) Interaction between fungal function and environment.
              (b) Biotechnology and ecology of edible mushrooms: characterization of the environmental factors affecting biomass and fruiting bodies formation  
              (c)Production of bioactive compounds by fungi: characterization of the bioactive metabolites and enzymes from fungi 
              (d)Biodegradation activities of fungi and bacteria: characterization of the environmental factors affecting biodegradation functions of fungi and bacteria 
              (e) Search for new biological antifungal compounds: isolation and identification of novel antifungal compounds
              (f) Study of water quality and fungal and bacterial activities  


  • 1. General Microbiology
    2. Environmental Biotechnology
    3.  Practical Environmental Biotechnology
    4. Food Science Seminar
    5. Fungal Biotechnology.  (M.Sc. program)