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faculty member

  • PhD

    Roee Teper
  • Economics and Management - B.A. Program
  • Game theory, Choice theory, Decision making under uncertainty

  • PhD, Probability and Statistics, Tel Aviv University, 2011

    MsC, Mathematics, Tel Aviv University, 2007

    BsC, Mathematics, Tel Aviv University, 2004

  • Convex Analysis techniques for Choice Theory 

    Decision making in the presence of ambiguity 

    Games with incomplete information and ambiguity of choice

  • Calculus 1&2

    Introduction to Probability (CS)

    Decision theory under uncertainty 

  • Exploration and Correlation, joint with Evan Piermont, Games and Economic Behavior 

    Set-Valued Capacities: Multi-Agenda Decision Making, joint with Ehud Lehrer, Economic Theory 

    Endowment as a Blessing, joint with Sivan Frenkel and Yuval Heller, International Economic Review

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