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  • Dr. Yahel Kurlander
  • Lecturer
  • Human Services

  • Yahel Kurlander PhD is a Post Doc at the Prof. Hila Shamir ERC project: TraffLab - Labor Perspective of Human Trafficking at the Buchmann Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University. She is also an adjunct Lecturer at the Department of Human Services and Multi-Disciplinary Studies at the Tel-Hai Academic College. Kurlander is an avid activist and passionately partakes in groups fighting for gender and migration issues.
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  • Research Projects

    Doctorate Research Follow-ups

    Follow-up research examining the institutionalization of the method of recruiting migrant workers in the agricultural sector, introduced a decade ago.

    Global Labor Migration

    Examining the intersectional perspectives of women labor migrants employed in male-dominated occupations, focusing on the Israeli agricultural sector. Collaboration with Shahar Shoham from Humboldt University of Berlin.

    Performing a theoretical study that analyzes the interactions between different spheres (global, state and case study) by examining convergence and divergence during the intensity of interaction. Collaboration with Dr. Avinoam Cohen from the College of Management Academic Studies.

    Studying the normalization of harmful employment structures in the training programs, run by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and private entities in Israel, for agricultural students from the global south. Collaboration with Hanny Ben Israel and Prof. Hila Shamir from Tel Aviv University.

    Examining the impact of Covid-19 on labor migrants in Israel in general, and on agricultural migrants in particular. Collaboration with Maayan Niezna from the University of Kent (UK) and Prof. Hila Shamir from Tel Aviv University.

    Gender and the social-economic-geographic periphery

    Conducting a research on ’48-generation women from Israeli moshavim. Collaboration with Dr. Zeevik Greenberg from Tel-Hai Academic College.

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