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  • Dr. Ronen Berger
  • Adjunct Lecturer
  • Drama Therapy
  • Education - B.A.
  • +972(0)523294203
  • [email protected]
  • Nature Therapy. Dramatherapy, Art Therapy, Group counseling. Experiential Education

  • Founder of Nature Therapy, senior Drama Therapist, and Supervisor.
    Founded the Nature Therapy program, Tel Aviv University (2009-2014) and Head of the Drama Therapy , MA program Ono College (from 2013), Israel.
    Published numerous articles and books and convened or organized many conferences.
    Teaches also at Tel Hai Academic College and Oranim Academic College.
    Ronen lives in Kibbutz Snir, Israel.

  • Nature Therapy. Dramatherapy, Art Therapy, Group counseling. Experiential Education

  • Nature Therapy. Dramatherapy, Art Therapy, Group counseling. Experiential Education

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  • Articles:

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