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  • Dr. Gilad Goldschmidt
  • Adjunct Lecturer
  • Education
  • +972(0)525556494
  • [email protected]
  • Waldorf Education

    Alternative Education

    Spiritual Education

  • In 1962 Gilad Goldschmnidt was born and raised in the middle of the Negev Desert at Kibbutz Revivim, Israel. After he finish school, as an officer in the army for 3 ½ years, he was in charge of rehabilitating soldiers at risk for drug abuse and behavioral problems. In 1982 in the Galilee he co-founded Kibbutz Harduf, the first anthroposophical community in Israel. In 1985 – 1989 Gilad study in Dornach, Switzerland: Anthroposophy and Waldorf education. He still live at Kibbutz Harduf with his wife, Mor, a music teacher, and their two children.
    Gilad is the founder and Chairman of the Association for Waldorf Education in Israel and started two teacher training schools. One is located at Kibbutz Harduf and the other is located in Tel Aviv. He also is working with the Israeli Ministry of Education through the Executive Committee for the Forum for Alternative Schools.

  • Educational Background:  Gilad got his doctorate in education at Haifa University.  He study Waldorf education in Dornach and began university level studies in philosophy and education at Basel University in Switzerland and completed his Bachelors in Oranim college and Masters in those topics at Haifa University.

  • :  Gilad established the first Waldorf school in Israel. After teaching for 8 years as class teacher, he then moved on to start the first Waldorf high school in Israel.  He was principal of the Harduf Waldorf School for 15 years and is still teaching history and bible studies in the high school. Gilad is teaching in David Jalin academic college in Jerusalem, Tel-Hai academic colleg and Oranim academic college Waldorf education, alternative education and spirituality in education.

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