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  • Dr. Yotam Gonen
  • Lecturer
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Water Sciences M.SC
  • +972(0)523202882
  • Modelling adsorption.

    Solute transport.

    Spectral deconvolution.

  • Since 2009, I am the head of R&D at Toxsorb Ltd.Focusing my resarch in the applied water science,Developing novel adsorptive media for water treatment.
    Our adsorptive mdia is base on the modification ofactivated carbon to remove heavy metals, perchlorate and phosphate from water.The technology we have developed is already in the market, used for drinking water, mining industry wastewater and the galvanic industry wasteewater, at Israel, Italy, France and the US.

    • Physics A for Nutrition Science students
    • Physics B for Nutrition Science students
    • Thermodynamics for Nutrition Science students
    • Introduction to programming
    • Laboratory for Physics 1 for Beiotechnology students
    • Laboratory for Physics 2 for Beiotechnology students
  • 2018 an award for exceptional activity in the clintech field awarded by MASHOV group.

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  • 2003         Israeli Clay Society- Organoclays As The Active Ingredient Of Filter Designed For Anionic Pollutants. Kfar Giladi, Israel.

    2005         Israeli Clay Society- Assigning the Dual Mode Model to Describe Adsorption of Organic Pollutants to an Organoclay. Rehovot, Israel.

    2006         Isranalytica 2006, the 9th Annual Meeting of the Israel Analytical Chemistry Society. Spectroni: a MATLAB Implemented Algorithm for Spectrum Deconvolution. Tel-Aviv, Israel.

    2007         Israeli Clay Society. A Full Analytical Solution for the Sorption/Desorption Kinetic Process Related to Langmuir Equilibrium Conditions, Beit Dagan, Israel.

    2007         Euroclay 2007, European Clay Groups Association. A Full Analytical Solution for the Sorption/Desorption Kinetic Process Related to Langmuir Equilibrium Conditions, Aveiro, Portugal.

    2011         The annual meeting of the Israel society for caly research. Deriving adsorption coefficients from the Langmuir/Scatchard equations - an alternative approach. Tel-Hai academic college, Israel.

    2012      ACS 243'rd national meeting, American chemical society. Modified activated carbon technology for the removal of heavy metals and oxyanions from water, Sad Diego, CA, USA.

    2014 Ecometal annual assembly, Ecometal association, Zero liquid discharge water treatment systems, Treviso, Italy.

    2014 Assogalvanica annual assembly, Assogalvanica associasion, Zero liquid discharge water treatment systems, Garda, Italy.

    2015* Sur/fin manufacturing and technology tradeshow & conference. Smart systems for metal recovery and water reuse in surface finishing.