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faculty member

  • Dr.

    Chagay Orenshtein
  • Teacher

  • Economics and Management - B.A. Program, Education M.A., Human Services - B.A. Program
  • 050-8923219
    • Business
    • Economics
  • Leadership: Psychological attitudes of managers toward subordinates, unconscious processes in leadership, emotional intelligence of leaders.

    Teams management: Emotional intelligence in teams, unconscious processes in teams, teams functioning styles, teams effectiveness.

    Non-verbal communication (visual and vocal): The relationships between non-verbal communication parameters and management.

    Decision making: Managers and teams decision making processes.

    Political psychology: The relationships between psychological processes (conscious and unconscious) of political and security functionaries and their decision making processes. 

  • Teams Management, Fundamentals of Management, Business Negotiation, Organizational Behavior, Management Skills in Welfare Services.