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  • Prof. Eli Gimmon
  • Associate Professor
  • Economics and Management
  • +972(0)48181682
  • [email protected]
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Business strategy
    • Regional development and clusters
    • Industrial marketing management (B2B)
  • Eli Gimmon is a professor of entrepreneurship and strategy at Tel-Hai College in Israel. He received Ph.D. in entrepreneurship at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK. His academic interests emerged from 22 years of field experience, including co-founding two American–Israeli IT companies and managing intra-preneurship at a leading Israeli international electronic corporation. He is a reviewer for several journals such as Research Policy, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice and Industrial Marketing Management.

  • New ventures and founders' attributes pedicting survival and growth

    Embeddedness of small businesses (Israel, China,Latin Ameruca)

    Innovative Finance (IFI) - Erasmus+ project

    • Teaching in academic institutions

    2001 –                      Tel-Hai College – bachelor’s degree courses

    2005-2006                The Open University – master’s degree courses

    2007-2008                (Visiting professor) Universidad Austral de Chile – master’ degree courses

    2009 –                      Tel-Aviv–Yaffo Academic College – bachelor’s degree courses

    2012–2013               Kinneret College, Jordan Valley – bachelor’s degree courses in engineering

    • Teaching in non-academic institutions

    o   Courses taught in the past five years:

    Entrepreneurship; Introduction to business strategy; Strategic management; Business games; Enterprise management; Consumer behavior; Marketing management; International marketing. 


  • May 2004           Dutch Institute for Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship & Manchester Business School. High Technology Small Firms (HTSF) Conference. Venue: University of Twent, Enschede, The Netherlands.

    June 2004           Twenty-Fourth Annual Babson-Kauffman Entrepreneurship Research Conference. Venue: Glasgow, Scotland.

    June 2005           Twenty-Fourth Annual Babson-Kauffman Entrepreneurship Research Conference. Venue: Boston, MA.

    Feb. 2007           Fourth AGSE International Entrepreneurship Research Exchange. Venue: Brisbane, Australia.

    Apr. 2007           Conference on Entrepreneurship and Innovative Management. Venue: The Holon Institute of Technology, Holon, Israel.

    Mar. 2008           1st National Entrepreneurship Conference. Venue: The Technion, Haifa, Israel.

    Jan. 2009            Escola de Administração de Empresas de São Paulo (FGV/EAESP) and the Journal of Business Research. The Third International Conference on Strategic Management in Latin America. Venue: Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    Mar. 2009           Conference on Social Policy: Core and Peripheral Regions. Venue: Tel-Hai College.

    Sept. 2009          Industrial Marketing and Purchasing Group. IMP Conference on B2B (Business-to-Business Marketing). Do inter-firm cooperation and social networks change over time in regional clusters? Venue: Marseille, France.

    Dec. 2009           Israel Strategy Conference. The 3rd ISC Conference. What causes radical strategic change in high technology new ventures: Taking investors’ perspective. Venue: Beer Sheva University, Israel.

    June 2010           Thirtieth Annual Babson Kauffman Entrepreneurship Research Conference. Entrepreneurship in peripheral vs. core regions: Lessons from Chile. Venue: Lausanne, Switzerland.

    Dec. 2010           Israel Strategy Conference. The 4th ISC Conference on Business Strategy. VCs’ affirmed attitudes and entrepreneurs’ perceptions: Different views on strategic change in new ventures. Venue: The Technion, Haifa, Israel.

    Nov. 2011          The 8th Annual NYU-Stern Conference on Social Entrepreneurship. Sustainability: Comparison between social and commercial ventures.  Venue: New York University, New York, NY.

    June 2012           32nd Annual Babson-Kauffman Entrepreneurship Research Conference. Venture capitalists’ involvement and the survival of high technology new ventures. Venue: Fort Worth, TX.

    Dec. 2012           Israel Strategy Conference. The 5th ISC Conference on Business Strategy. Power or persuasion in board decisions? Venue: Tel-Aviv University, Israel.

    Jan. 2013            The Multidisciplinary Resilience Research Center. The 1st International MRRC Conference: Individual, Community and National Resilience and Their Inter-Relations. The impact of small businesses on regional development and economic resilience in the periphery. (Hebrew). Venue: Tel-Hai College, Israel.

    Apr. 2013           The 15th Conference on New Research of the Galilee. Chair of session: Innovations in the research of caves in the Galilee. Venue: Tel-Hai College, Israel.

    Sept. 2013          IMP Conference (Industrial Marketing and Purchasing Group) on B2B (business to business marketing). Presentation titled: Competitive Advantage in Global Markets: The case of the salmon industry in Chile. Venue: Atlanta, Georgia.

    Dec. 2013           Workshop on Social, Health and Economic aspects of Aging. Co-moderator round table on Active Aging. Venue: Tel-Hai, Israel.

    March 2014        Strategic Management Society (SMS) Special Conference.  Presented two research studies: (a) Changes in intra-cluster collaboration: Lessons from an export oriented cluster. (b) Innovation and Barriers to Technology Transfer in Medical Centers: A Contextualized Embeddedness Perspective. Venue: Tel-Aviv, Israel.

    June 2014           Symposium on Entrepreneurship Training and Pedagogy. Presentation titled: The Effects of Lifestages on Entrepreneurship. Venue: University of Windsor, Ontario Canada.

    June 2014           34th Annual Babson-Kauffman Entrepreneurship Research Conference (BCERC). Presentation titled: Employment Growth in New Ventures: Differences Between Core and Peripheral Regions. Venue: London, Ontario, Canada.