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Bioinformatics Online Workshop 2023

Location: Online

Course dates: 3-14 August 2023

Application deadline: April 27th, 2023

Registration deadline: July 3rd, 2023

Workshop Instructors: Dr. Sariel Hübner & Dr. Itai Sharon

Dr. Sariel Hübner studies the evolutionary genomics of various crop species and their wild relatives.

Dr. Hübner is a faculty member in the Department of Biotechnology at Tel-Hai College and the head of the Plant Evolutionary Genomics laboratory at MIGAL - Galilee Research Institute.

Dr. Itai Sharon studies the microbiome of humans, flowers and soil using metagenomics and other environmental data.

Dr. Sharon is a faculty member in the Department of Computer Science at Tel-Hai College and is the head of the Computational Microbiology laboratory at MIGAL - Galilee Research Institute.

Workshop Overview

Tel-Hai College and MIGAL - Galilee Research Institute are offering a unique workshop in bioinformatics. Participants will gain practical experience in NGS data analysis and theory, statistical and analytical approaches and hands-on practice using a variety of tools. The workshop materials will be available online from July 30, 2023. The live sessions will begin on August 6th 2023.

The workshop will include the following topics:

  • Introduction to next-generation sequencing data analysis
  • Working in the Linux environment
  • Trimming & alignment algorithms and tools
  • Transcriptome and genome assembly
  • RNASeq

Live sessions schedule (Israel time zone GMT+2):

August 3th, Thursday, 4-6pm Linux accounts setup

August 6th, Sunday: 4-7pm

August 7th, Monday: 4-7pm

August 8th, Tuesday: 4-7pm

August 9th, Wednesday, 4-7pm

August 10th, Thursday, 4-7pm

Consolidation and practice sessions led by teaching assistants:

August 13th, Sunday, 4-7pm

August 14th, Monday, 4-7pm


The workshop will be taught in English and is intended for graduate students, post-doctoral research fellows, research scientists and industry representatives.

Students can obtain two credit points subject to the approval of their home institution.

Application instructions

To apply, please fill out the application form. No fees are due until you are accepted to the workshop:


 Registration Fee (non-refundable)            $20 USD

Students and Postdocs                                $430 USD

Industry / Other                                              $830 USD

Cancellation policy

Cancellation of participation until July 14th – 100% refund, (less bank transfer/credit card fees and application fees)

Cancellation of participation between July 14th –July 31th – 50% refund (less bank transfer/credit card fees and application fees)

Cancellation of participation after July 31th – no refund.

Please note that the cancellation notice should be submitted in writing to bi[email protected] and approved by email by the workshop team.

Registration and payment – relevant link will be sent to the applicants by email, after your application is approved.

*Opening of the workshop is subject to a minimum number of participants.




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