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Tel-Hai College draws its special pioneering spirit from both the legacy of its founders and from the creative drive of its faculty and students. As an anchor for the development and growth of northern Israel, Tel-Hai is not only a hub of higher education, but also a platform for experiential educational activities geared for visitors to Israel and to the region.

The following is a list of possibilities to come and explore the many exciting initiatives we have at Tel-Hai. Each program can be modified to fit needs and emphasis of each specific group. Whether its families, synagogue members, bar/bat miztvah trips, Christians, or students, Tel-Hai offers an experience of a lifetime to everyone.

The programs draw from Tel-Hai's natural resources – our professors, our students and our home, the Galilee; these continuously grow and develop, as do we.

The list below focuses on the educational themes and content of the activities; each of these can be complemented by meals, in and/or around the College, depending on activities schedule and timing.




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