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Social Work, M.A.

Social Work, M.A.

The graduate curriculum is designed to enable students to develop their professional self by providing knowledge, values, and a systemic professional approach. The programs ensures that students have the ability to operate as social workers in the modern age and to continue on to further study for advanced degrees.

This program is designed for students with an undergraduate degree in Social Work and aspire to broaden their knowledge and professional advancement. This program trains social workers with the capability to work in advanced practices and simultaneously serves to create leaders by developing new social services characterized by relevance, effectiveness, and social responsibility.

Students have a variety of courses to focus on such as The Stress, Trauma and Resiliency Studies Program.

The Stress, Trauma and Resiliency Studies Program in the Department of Social Work prepares future social workers to act as first responders in emergency situations. The program is based on research from the field, demonstrating that immediate and efficient mental health intervention at the site of disaster or emergency situations, significantly reduces the risk of post-traumatic symptoms, and greatly aids victims' speedy return to their regular level of daily functioning.

Training begins in the first year of B.A. studies and includes both theoretical and practical studies of leading and innovative methods in the realm of PFA – Psychological First Aid, along with field experience gained in real life emergency situations. The curriculum combines theory and practice, with in-depth study of the post-traumatic reaction and its prevention, as well as simulations of large-scale emergency situations, which are conducted in collaboration with the IDF, regional rescue teams, Magen David Adom (medical first aid), firefighters, and more. In real emergencies students go beyond simulations, and have taken active roles in treatment of victims of missile attacks in southern Israel. Thus the Stress and Trauma Study Track is not only an innovative academic program in the Israeli and international higher education landscape, but also reflects the college's deepest commitment to the resilience of community and society.

Meet Netta

Netta Scharf, Stress, Trauma and Resilience Studies Major shares her personal experiences as a volunteer first-responder during the Israel-Gaza Conflict 2014.

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