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Social Work, B.A.

Social Work, B.A.

The profession draws from a wide base of knowledge developed in the framework of social and behavioral sciences and serves as a scientific approach to solving problems at the individual, family, group, organizational and community level. In Israel, the profession of social work is organized by the Social Workers Law of 1996.

The Department of Social Work is located at the heart of social action in the north and fosters exchanges and cooperation with the population of the region through frameworks for student field training, cooperative community projects and supervision.

The Social Work program at Tel-Hai College has an advanced curriculum designed to train students with a high level of professionalism, responsibility, self-awareness and emotional, social and multicultural awareness. The program is based on the comprehensive approach that emphasizes a range of central methods (individual, group and community). In the study framework, students acquire knowledge of the fundamental concepts of social and behavioral sciences, understanding normal human development and pathological phenomena. The knowledge and skills are imparted in the framework of theoretical courses and through practice, workshops and supervised fieldwork. During the program, students complete practical training, working in one of the different social services, while receiving personal supervision and in this way academic studies are integrated with practice in treating clients.

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