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Psychology, B.A.

Psychology, B.A.

The Department of Psychology has a strong research orientation. The studies are six semesters (three years) and the curriculum mostly deals with the fundamental questions of psychology, the foundational models of the different fields of psychology, and the range of scientific approaches accepted in contemporary psychology research. Students are involved in research projects from their first year of studies.

We have single and double major programs; studies include a practicum in a therapeutic-educational framework for practical learning and accumulating experience. Students use physiological, cognitive and developmental laboratories for analyzing and understanding psychological processes. The style of academic/research-based learning is intended to develop open minded, knowledgeable young graduates that will continue on to advanced studies in the leading universities and research institutes in the country and overseas. We also focus on helping our students succeed in the national entrance exam for Master’s degree programs in psychology (the MATAM exam).

With the completion of their degrees, graduates have a number of options: further studies for advanced degrees to become certified psychologists, or diploma studies in therapies such as animal-assisted therapy, drama therapy, and so on. Graduates integrate into the labor market in a range of roles such as counselors in educational and mental health institutions, human resources directors of organizations, social science and psychology teachers in high schools and research assistants.


Faculty Members:

Head of the department:

Dr. Omer Horovitz

Full Professor:

Prof. Moshe Zeidner

Associate Professor:

Prof. Ora Aviezer, Prof. Yochai Ataria, Prof. Meirav Hen

Senior Lecturer:

Dr. Marina Goroshit, Dr. Omer Horovitz, Dr. Ilana Hairston, Dr. Hadas Marciano, Dr. Sivan Raz


Dr. Eli Pitkovsky, Dr. Noam Karsh

Adjunct Lecturer:

Mr. Zvika Ofir, Dr. Galia Ankori, Ms. Shirel Bakbani-Elkayam, Dr. Nurit Breznitz, Dr. Yair Dor-Zeidman, Ms. Ella Dror, Ms. Stephanie Zaknoun, Dr. Zevik Mishor, Dr. Maayan Merhav, Dr. Izabela Mirochnik, Dr. Jonathan Feurman, Ms. Mazal Kadosh-Azuelos, Mr. Yoav Schweitzer, Dr. Andrey Teodorsky, Dr. Revital Tamari

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