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Organizational Behavior, M.A.

Organizational Behavior, M.A.

Objectives of the program:

The organizational behavior expert (human behavior in the organization) must also understand the economic, strategic management of the modern organization; This is because the organizational strategy of the organization determines what type of employees will be employed in it and what are the ways of treating them. Thus, it is requested that practitioners in the field acquire knowledge and skills in behavioral fields (organizational psychology and sociology) and in addition, also in traditional administrative functional fields (finance, marketing, information systems)

. Moreover, this program includes integrative courses (seminar and project) that bring together the knowledge, skills and tools from the various courses alongside combining theory with practice. The training in the master's program offered by us at the Tel Hai Academic College is intended to fulfill the needs of the national  economy mentioned above, to enrich the quality package of the graduates and thereby increase their chances of integration into the national economy.

Graduates of this program are expected to integrate well into occupations for which the knowledge and skills they have acquired in their master's degree are relevant.

Our faculty offers rich and innovative knowledge in a wide range of courses, some of which are unique to the master's degree program in organizational behavior at our institution.

We are safely marching towards new and fascinating horizons in the years to come.

Professor Aharon Tziner

The Director of the MA program in Organizational Behavior

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