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Nutritional Science, M.Sc.

Nutritional Science, M.Sc.

Applied nutrition research and its application is a rapidly growing field in medicine, industry, agriculture and environmental studies.

The field is becoming more complex and sophisticated and demands a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge base in life and natural sciences, medicine, chemistry, biology and molecular sciences, together with a wide spectrum of therapeutic skills, ability to process, analyze and describe findings in brief scientific language and to clarify and transmit them to an audience.

The curriculum for the M.Sc. degree in Nutritional Science is designed to impart in-depth knowledge, skills and methodological tools that enable graduates to contribute to research and practical activities to promote health of the population at local, national and international levels.
The curriculum is also designed to prepare candidates for continuing Ph.D. studies. It includes a thesis track, focusing on research-based and training in laboratories as well as a non-thesis track, which focuses on deepening clinical skills, including a research or community project.

The program gives nutritionists wide knowledge at the micro and macro level for planning, conducting and evaluating interventions for individuals and communities as well as building and conducting experimental research. The courses in the program cover a wide range of advanced topics in Human Nutrition, Medicine and Health with an emphasis placed on relevance to changes and innovations in the field.

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