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Nutritional Science, B.Sc.

Nutritional Science, B.Sc.

The accumulation of knowledge in Nutritional Science and its wide range of possible applications have turned the field into one of the most sought after in the labor market.

The study program at Tel-Hai is designed to train clinical nutritionists and dieticians, with the option for specific enrichment in elective courses: behavioral science – different aspects of eating disorders and treatment for them; sports medicine – nutrition under stress and nutritional guidance for athletes. The comprehensive curriculum helps graduates integrate as clinical nutritionists and dieticians in a wide range of roles in hospitals, schools, care facilities for the elderly, and in the private sector.

Studies are spread over three years and internships are allocated on confirmation of entitlement to a degree in Nutritional Science (B.Sc.). The internship is intended to provide professional skills as a dietician and it is not an academic requirement of the degree.

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