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Water Science, M.Sc.

Water Science, M.Sc.

Today there is an urgent need for more educated use our water resources and how to manage natural and artificial water sources including streams, groundwater, river basins, wetlands, ponds and others.
In the State of Israel, an advanced degree program in water sciences is especially imperative, where water economy is a vital element in determining the standard of living, scope of possible development, and relations between Israel and its neighbors.

The Water Science M.Sc. program is part of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology; its duration of studies is two full years. 

The program is designed to provide knowledge and skills in basic and applied sciences related to water resources with the goal of teaching and training students to gather and synthesize information from several disciplines, formulate rational and broadly informed solutions to complex water-related problems, and effectively implement various water-based programs.

The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of students who intend to pursue careers in public and private organizations that conduct scientific water research or manage water resources, private consulting companies that offer water research or management services, agencies that form or implement water-related policy, and in a broad range of nonprofit institutions concerned with water resources. The program also provides students with the opportunity to prepare for graduate studies in water/hydrological sciences and water resources.

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