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Food Science, B.Sc.

Food Science, B.Sc.

Food Science is a natural track for anyone who wants to stay close to a plate. A graduate of the program is called a food technologist and as the most significant role in the food industry, students are part of the entire process of food and beverage production, from the stage of planning new products and identifying the raw materials through the stages of design, packaging, transporting to the shelves and safety. The integrative study track makes it possible for students to successfully integrate into a wide range of roles in the food and beverage industries, as well as proceeding on to higher academic studies in Food Science.

The Department of Food Science at Tel-Hai College aspires to be a leading, innovative and dynamic department while committed to teaching academic and practical content at the highest level. Tel-Hai aims to be the top choice of students from the northern region and the entire country and to help them develop professional skills, with an emphasis on future integration in food factories and/or master’s degree studies.

As part of the unique offerings of the department, The Department of Food Science Tel-Hai offers a course entitled “Food Product Development Workshop”. This course is unique in Israel, existing only at Tel-Hai College. In the framework of the course, the students apply the knowledge and tools they have acquired during their studies to develop a product through all its stages. The students are required to choose the product they will develop, conduct a literature review of similar existing products, choose suitable raw materials, propose a production process, address technological problems in manufacturing the product, conduct research of limited scope to solve technological problems, apply computational perspectives learned in their courses, conduct taste tests, propose suitable quality control mechanisms for the product, determine the nutritional and health value, develop product packaging and set expiration dates. The curriculum provides the opportunity for practical experience in food factories and development of the required skills for the food industry.

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