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Education, M.A.

Education, M.A.

The aim of the program is to bridge between the educational theories and the educational field. The program is designed for graduates of the Department of Education at Tel-Hai College and other academic institutions in Israel, including graduates of academic teacher training colleges who hold B.Ed. degrees, and for teachers in the formal education system and in informal education who are interested in advancing to management roles in their institutions. In addition, the program is designed for personnel in local government who are interested in expanding their horizons.

Specialization in Management: This area focuses on general foundations of management and specific foundations of educational management. Students are exposed to a range of fields and skills relevant to management roles in 21st century schools.

Specialization in Unique Populations and Special Education: The studies in this specialization framework are providing  -depth examination of the complex issues and the existing intervention programs, to train educators to create challenging and creative learning environments matched to the needs of the students and to implement them in the field. Emphasis is placed on educational work in therapeutic settings.

Faculty Members:

Head of the department:  Prof. Yuval dror

Full Professor: Prof. Yuval dror

Associate Professor:

Prof. Amir Goldstein

Prof. Ayelet Shavit

Prof. Mustafa Abbasi

Prof. Tamar Hager

Senior Lecturer: Dr. Irit  Sasson, Dr. Shiri Pearlman-Avnion, Dr. Alon Goldberg, Dr. Ya’ara Gil-Glazer, Dr. Edna Rabenu, Dr. Jonathan Kasler , Dr. Carolyn Gutman, Dr. Zeev Greenberg, Dr. Ofra Walter, Dr. Nirit Karni-Vizer

Lecturer: Dr. Yael Grinshtain, Dr. Alexander Zibenberg, Dr. Weiler Gur Arye Adam,



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