Economics & Management, M.A.

Economics & Management, M.A.

Program Head: Professor Nir Becker

The Program in Management and Economics is designed to fulfil demand for experts in economics and management for the development of business and economics in the unique area of Northern region of Israel. This program is offered in collaboration with Western Galilee College. It provides training in multidisciplinary areas of study, including core studies in Decision Making, Regional Economics, Industrial Organization, Environmental and Resources economics, Game Theory and its application in business development, Communication, Strategic Competition and more.

Altogether there are 13 faculty members from both institutes teaching in the program. The program spans over 4 semesters of study and fits also students who work full time. Studies are taking place at both colleges. For the full program of study and additional details please refer to our office of Graduate Studies at [email protected]

Program's faculty members:

Full Professor:

Prof. Nir Becker, Prof.  Yossi Yagil*

Associate Professor:

Prof. Doron Lavee, Prof. Eli Gimmon

Senior Lecturer:

Dr. Dafna Disegni, Dr. Yuval Arbel*, Dr. Irit Talmor*, Dr. Gil Cohen*, Dr. Zvika Viner*


Dr. Yanay Farja, Dr. Avishay Aiche*


 *Western Galilee College Faculty


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