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Drama Therapy, M.A.

Drama Therapy, M.A.

The Drama Therapy Graduate Program at Tel-Hai College is a prestigious program that has evolved out of Prof. Mooli Lahad’s pioneer work in Israel since 1989. The program acquaints students with cutting-edge theory and practice in drama therapy, also providing advanced tools to develop their clinical abilities and skills for treating people. Students undergo intense training for two years, focusing on clinical skills, receiving solid supervision in small groups, and specialized academic courses, workshops and masterclasses. They are also required to enroll for a third year of additional training and supervision of their clinical practice.

The program integrates the basic principles of behavioral sciences and psychotherapy with the human need for expression, action, and creativity, and is aimed to engage highly motivated students who have completed basic courses in psychology, have a background in drama/theatre in any of its forms, and demonstrated a capacity for working with people, particularly with vulnerable populations. The program attracts people from a wide variety of cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds, forming a unique fabric, a microcosm of pluralism. 

The program is taught by highly qualified and experienced lecturers, drama therapists, and psychotherapists, many of whom are leaders in the field, with recognized international reputation. The clinical staff is superbly skilled, experienced, and dedicated to the development of the students and of the field.


This One-Year M.A. Program in Drama Therapy is designed for practicing drama therapists, who have completed their trainings in recognized institutions that offered certificate studies in drama therapy. The program complies with the Council of Higher Education requirements for an M.A. in Drama Therapy, allowing professionals to complete their graduate studies in one year.

The program fulfills three main goals:

  1. To acquaint students with state-of-the-art theories and advanced models in drama therapy;
  2. To expand the student’s knowledge and tools by offering courses in specific areas of professional expertise, such as: parent support (for professionals working with children); medical clowning; advanced studies in psychophysiology – among others.
  3. To provide personalized tools and support for writing a final paper around the student’s professional area of expertise, aiming at publication in professional academic journals.

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