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Computer Science, B.Sc.

Computer Science, B.Sc.

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science at Tel-Hai College!

The department, one of the first college departments of computer science in Israel, was founded in 1994. The mission of the department is to serve as an academic center in the Upper Galilee that trains its graduates to high academic standards, as well as to the ability to become leading developers in the software and high-tech industry in Israel and worldwide. The department aspires to serve as a prime growth engine for the software industry in the Upper Galilee. To learn more about our school and programs, please explore this website, contact us, or visit us in the Western Campus of Tel-Hai College in the beautiful Upper Galilee, at the foothills of Mount Hermon.


The study program has been developed with the aim of providing our students with an academic foundation that serves as a basis for their graduate degree studies and for development as researchers, as well as training them as software developers who are capable of meeting technological challenges in the rapidly changing field of computerization. The study material is also designed to provide them with the ability to manage complex environments that include interfacing with hardware and communications, and to equip them with basic mathematical tools for developing algorithms in different areas.



The requirement for a BSc degree is to complete 126 credits. Two core programs are offered: a single-major program and a dual-major program. In the single-major program, the students take courses from the Department of Computer Science alone, with the exception of 6 credits from other areas, to expand their horizons. Graduates of this program are awarded a B.Sc. in computer science. In the dual-major program, about half the credits are earned in the Department of Computer Science, and the rest are earned in one of the following departments: Economics and Management, Education, Psychology, or Multidisciplinary Studies. Graduates of this program are awarded a combined B.A. in computer science and the subject of the other department chosen. The decisive majority of students of the Department of Computer Science are enrolled in the single-major program.


The Single-Major Program

A six-semester schedule starts both on Fall and Spring terms, with the first three semesters dedicated to fundamentals in Mathematics and Computing.



We offer five dedicated tracks to allow our students to further specialize in depth:

1. Software Development

2. Signal Processing and Machine Learning

3. AI

4. Real-Time and Networks

5. Web Technologies


Next, we describe each track in more details.


Software Development Track

This track concentrates on the main themes required in the software industry. In addition to the foundation in mathematics and the theoretical aspects of computer science, the emphasis in this track is placed on different industry-related subjects, such as programming languages in advanced development environments, object-oriented programming with a focus on Design Patterns, computer communication, software engineering, operating systems, programming in the web, databases, information security, and cryptology.


Signal Processing and Machine Learning Track

This track allows students to specialize in an area that is in very high demand in the industry and in research. In addition to the foundation in mathematics and the required courses of computer science, and after learning the basic principles of digital signal processing, this track focuses on subjects such as image and video processing and compression, audio signal processing, and DSP in real-time. The emphasis of the studies is on digital signal processing algorithms and their implementation. The studies include courses such as signal and image compression, real-time digital signal processing, speech and audio signal processing, pattern recognition and machine learning, video processing, and more.


AI (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) Track

This track enables specialization in the broad, thriving field of AI at a basic level. The core of this track revolves around the axes of Machine Learning, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. The dedicated courses combine theory and practice, and train the student in modeling as well as problem-solving. The tracks offers elective courses such as Computational Intelligence and Big Data, to name a few.


Real-Time and Networks

This track focuses on two highly applicative domains in the high-tech industry: real-time systems as well as networks. A real-time system is a dedicated apparatus that must operate under strict time constraints. This apparatus lie in the basis of modern platforms and advanced industry applications.


Web Technologies

This track offers specialization in state-of-the-art internet-and mobile-related development knowledge and techniques. While the demand is always high for web and android developers, students that follow this track will be trained to become skilled programmers, mastering the fast-evolving languages and formats (e.g.,  css, javascript) as well as the hot domains in the field (e.g., android studio, react.js, angular.js).

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