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Biotechnology, M.Sc.

Biotechnology, M.Sc.

When students want to deepen their knowledge in the field of Biotechnology, to expand their professional skills, to learn innovative research & development methods and to advance their career, they join the Biotechnology, M.Sc. program at Tel-Hai College. Employment opportunities range from senior roles in the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, hospital laboratories, and R & D laboratories.

The Biotechnology M.Sc. program is designed for students to become working professionals - delivering the rigorous, practical curricula students need to advance their career and academic ambitions. Tel-Hai College helps deepen students' knowledge, expands their professional skills, and teaches innovative research and development methods.

There are two tracks available for students:

Thesis Track (Research)

The thesis track provides students with research opportunities, specifically in the lab. Students are mentored by research and faculty members.  Length of program: Two full years for full-time students who are not required to complete pre-requisites. The student begins research work starting in the first semester and submits a research proposal at the end of the second semester. The thesis degree is suitable for candidates who are interested in working in research or continuing on to doctoral studies.

Non-Thesis Track

The non-thesis track gives students the opportunity to do their research project at the MIGAL Research Laboratories who are partners in the program or at research laboratories in other recognized academic institutions. This degree is suitable for teachers in the sciences who are interested in upgrading their status or their place in industry, for laboratory workers with undergraduate degrees, and for others with undergraduate degrees in the sciences who are interested in deepening their knowledge and acquiring a master’s degree in an exciting field.

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