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Art Therapy, M.A.

Art Therapy, M.A.

Tel-Hai College believes in aiding and encouraging people to communicate their emotions and thoughts in new ways that can improve the quality of their lives. The goal of any art therapy school is to provide the tools and knowledge to help clients via the creative process and expression.

The Art Therapy (MA) program at Tel-Hai College is a comprehensive art therapy education that emphasizes development of the art therapist, preparation for functioning in a variety of settings, critical engagement within social and cultural contexts, and the exploration of the benefits of art therapy in the world of healthcare, education and psychiatric facilities. The program cultivates influential, compassionate professionals who are critically engaged with the social and cultural contexts of healing through the creation of art.

As part of their educational process, art therapy students are expected to be fully engaged in the intellectual dimensions of art therapy theory, research and philosophy. The program is designed to meet the standards for post-graduation application and certification as well as the academic requirements for licensing guidelines in the state of Israel.

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