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Animal Science, B.Sc.

Animal Science, B.Sc.

Interest in animals in their natural environment and their husbandry has increased significantly over recent decades. In addition to the traditional practice of breeding animals as a food source, animals are being bred for interest, enjoyment, education, treatment of various disorders, and use as biological models in a diverse range of medical and scientific research fields, and biodiversity conservation. Students of the Animal Science program acquire broad knowledge and become familiar with a range of topics in biology, ecology, biotechnology, technologies for animal breeding, animal welfare, and holding conditions. They also gain insight into topics relating to management and food, hygiene and diseases, genetics and genetic improvement, and the relationship between animals and humans, with an emphasis on legal and ethical issues. All lecturers in the professional courses hold PhD's and are also researchers, which allows us to maintain innovative, up-to-date teaching.


Recently, the department opened a new track: the Animal Health Track, which allows students to apply to veterinary schools in Israel and abroad for advanced studies. We are pleased to inform that The University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice Slovakia recognizes Tel-Hai degree in Animal Sciences for the purpose of applying for a 4-year veterinary curriculum.




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