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Academic Committee

The Academic Committee provides a platform for its members to review and thus make suggestions for policies on school curriculum development at Tel-Hai College. The following are a list of our Academic Committee who enhance the efficiency of learning and teaching.

Prof. Eliezer Shalev, President

Prof. Snait Tamir, Vice President for Research & Development

Prof. Nir Beker, Rector

Prof. Doron Lavi, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

Prof. Dani Kotlar, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology

Prof. Dorit Alt, Dean of the Department of Education and Teaching

Dr. Doron Goldberg, Chair, Department of Biotechnology, M.Sc.

Dr. Karen Jackson, Chair, Department of Nutritional Science, M.Sc.

Dr. Hagai Shemesh, Chair, Department of Environmental Science, M.Sc

Prof. Ofer Shir, Chair, Department of Computer Science, M.Sc.

Dr. Roee Gutman, Chair, Department of Animal Science, M.Sc.

Dr. Paula Pitashny, Chair, Department of Food Science, M.Sc

Prof. Rachel Amir, Chair, Department of Biotechnology, M.Sc.

Prof. Meirav Hen, Chair, Department of Psychology, B.A.

Dr. Moshe Farchi, Chair, Department of Social Work, B.A.

Dr. Dalit Shamchai, Chair, Department of Human Services, B.A.

Prof. Yuval Dror, Chair, Department of Education, M.A.

Prof. Amir Goldstein, Chair, Department of Multidisciplinary Studies, B.A. and  Department of East Asian Studies, B.A.

Dr. Yanay Farja, Chair, Department of Economics and Management, B.A.

Dr. Irit Sason, Chair, Department of Education, B.A.

Dr. Hadas Doron, Chair, Department of Social Work, M.A

Prof. Gonen Sharon, Chair, Department of Galilee Studies, M.A.

Prof. Susana Pendzik, Chair, Department of Drama Therapy, M.A

Prof. Yuval Dror, Chair, Department of Education, M.A

Prof. Sharon Snir, Chair, Department of Art Therapy, M.A.

Prof. Iggy Litaor, Chair, Department of Water Sciences M.SC

Dr. Jonathan Kasler, Department of English

Prof. Tamar Hager, Faculty

Prof. Ruth Arnon, External Member

Prof. Israel Bartal, External Member

Prof. Alex Lvitzky, External Member

Prof. Aharon Tziner, External Member

Prof. Dan Levanon, External Member

Prof. Mustafa Abbasi, Dean of Students

Mr. Eli Cohen, Director General

Mr. Moti Cohen, Deputy General Director

Mr. Ofer Baharal, Academic Secretary

Dr. Alon Margalit, Library Director

Ms. Raaya Gal, Director of Academic administration division

Ms. Madi Atias, Deputy Director, Administration and Human Resources

Dr. Orli Zaguri, Support Center Director

Ms. Danielle Iphlan, Chair of the Student Association

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