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Tel-Hai College, inspired by its founding spirit of pioneering excellence and entrepreneurship, is a growing leader of higher education and scientific inquiry in Northern Israel.

Situated amongst the stunning Upper Galilee, one of the most beautiful and breathtaking regions of Israel, characterized by its beautiful lush landscape with agriculture, amazing natural landforms, waterfalls, historic sites, and quaint rural villages.  Committed to exploring and generating the region’s immense resources to create academia and science of global significance, Tel-Hai College has become a hub attracting superb scientists and talented young adults from across Israel and beyond.

Recognised in 1996 as an independent academic institution, Tel-Hai College has flourished into a major center of research and education, drawing to it faculty and students from diverse backgrounds.  The College student body is a mirror of the society’s mosaic of communities, a fascinating fabric of people from all religious, ethnic and geographical backgrounds. Our population of over 3700 students, is made up of Jews and Muslims, Christians and Baha’i, Druze and Bedouin, new immigrants and native Israelis, together forming a rich and vibrant microcosm of Israeli society. Students lead a lively after school social life: living in the neighboring kibbutzim, enjoying the natural resources of the Galilee, the local pubs, student union festivals, cultural and social events

Here in Tel-Hai, we believe that international educational exchange nurtures a lifelong global perspective. To this end, we contribute to international activities at Tel-Hai by helping to create a welcoming and supportive environment that is responsive to the needs of our international student community.

Through creative teaching and participatory learning, our students are a special breed, immersed in a unique academic experience shared with talented peers, guided by inspiring faculty and challenged by the college’s ethos to always push beyond one’s comfort zone, our students enter the world with confidence and a keen sense of personal and social responsibility, powered to transform lives and communities.

We look forward to welcoming you to our thriving community

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