Scholarship Programs

"Your scholarship has enabled me to continue with my studies, and I would like to add that when you give so generously to students, we in turn are driven to give wholeheartedly to others who need our help." A., student of social work, 2013

A cornerstone of Tel-Hai's policy to make higher education accessible to all, our diverse scholarship programs are based on the conviction that financial constraints should never bar talented adults from gaining a quality education and pursuing their dreams. Even a relatively modest scholarship can have a transformative effect on the lives of students, some of whom are the first in their families to break out of the cycle of poverty and attain a college degree. Collectively, these stories of hope are transforming society in turn, closing the gaps between Israel's northern periphery and its more prosperous central region, and between students of all different socio-economic backgrounds.

Our philosophy sees education as key to freeing people from the bounds into which they were born and stresses the deep social responsibility those talented and fortunate enough to have made that leap bear to the community and its future. Most of our scholarship program recipients are required to devote an average of four hours a week to community service, though few if any see this duty as a chore rather than an opportunity to create meaningful change and use their own good fortune to help others succeed.

Scholarship programs of note:
• Socio-economic scholarships: Students with proven socio-economic needs are granted a range of support, from partial tuition costs to full tuition costs plus living stipends. Scholarship recipients perform four hours a week of community service with varied Galilee populations in need.
• Scholarships for students with learning disabilities and socio-economic needs: These students are faced with the double challenge of financial constraints and learning disabilities, leaving little or no time for work. In addition, the support that they need in order to succeed presents added costs to the already heavy financial burden of tuition and living expenses.
• Scholarship and support program for single mothers: A pioneering program gives women a second chance at a college education. Financial aid is complemented by a comprehensive social and educational program of support, including special activities for participants' children. Participants perform four hours a week of community service.
• Scholarships for students in the M.Sc. research-track program in biotechnology: Tuition and living expenses are provided to students in this rigorous scientific program, drawing excellent students to Tel-Hai, and rendering the Galilee a center of biotechnological research.

"Your support allowed me to devote all my time and energy to my studies and research, and made an enormous difference in my life and in the lives of my fellow students. For this I am endlessly thankful." A., master's student of biotechnology, 2012