Capital Projects

Capital Projects

Construction of The Gustave Leven Campus, named after the late founder of the Rashi Foundation, began in 2006, in response to Tel-Hai's meteoric growth in both student enrollment and academic programs. The multi-phase plan allows for gradual expansion in a series of carefully planned stages. Buildings and grounds are being developed with the utmost care for the needs of students, faculty, and community, as well as sensitivity for the environment and concern for aesthetics.

To date, The Gustave Leven Campus houses several multi-purpose buildings that serve the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, as well as a new library with many rare books, a unique map collection and state-of-the-art digital age facilities, all with breathtaking views of the local landscape.


The stages of development still to be completed require extensive support, and we invite you to take part in these exciting initiatives:


- Theater- An attractive outdoor space with tiered seating will be created adjacent to the library. This will be a hub of activity on campus and will be used for ceremonies and performances, taking advantage of the temperate Israeli climate, and making the most of the beautiful natural setting and view.


- Faculty of Sciences and Technology- In these crucial phases, the sciences will join the humanities and social sciences to form a truly multidisciplinary center of learning on the new campus. The Faculty of Sciences and Technology buildings will include classrooms and laboratories equipped with the most advanced facilities.

- The New Student Dormitories- The attractive new dormitories on the outskirts of Kiryat Shemona already serve students who come to Tel-Hai from all across Israel, bringing youthful energy and motivation to this northern development town. Two of the planned five buildings are now in use - one a residential building, the other offering students resource facilities and a recreation center, and featuring Café Motek, a student-run project for adults coping with mental illnesses. Stretching across a four-acre site, the facilities will eventually accommodate over 400 students in the five buildings, with each one housing 84 students in 21 apartments. The expansion of the dormitories will answer a critical need for affordable housing for Tel-Hai students, and increase accessibility to higher education for students coping with financial challenges. Founding partners to the dormitories project are the Marais Committee from Paris, the Rashi Foundation, UJIA-UK, UIA Canada and Keren Hayesod.