faculty member

  • Ms.

    Viviana Melman
  • Senior Lecturer

  • Drama Therapy - M.A. Program, Education - B.A.
  • 054-4343623
  • Melman@Snir.org.il
    • Drama Therapy
    • Art Therapy
  • 2003-1995 - Pedagogical guides team's – coordinator- Oranim Academic College extension, Tel Hai Kindergarten Teachers school. 
    2003-1993 - Lecturer –“Oranim” Academic College extension of “Tel Hai” Kindergarten Teachers school.
    2003-1993 - Pedagogical instructor –“Oranim” Academic College extension of  “Tel Hai” Kinder Kindergarten Teachers school.
    2007-2004 - Moderator workshop facilitator of kinder -gardener teacher's and school teachers, at Ohalo Academic College.
    2014-2004 -Lecturer and preschool pedagogical counselor at “Ohalo” Academic College.
    2015-2005 - Lecturer “Tel Hai” Academic College, Department of Education.
    2015-2008 - Lecturer in Drama therapy, “Tel Hai” Academic College.
    2015-2009 - Lecturer in Art therapy, “Tel Hai” Academic College.
     2015-2003 –Courses on the following topics; "Classroom climate", "Kindergarten school management", "Interpersonal communication", "Games", "Kindergarten theory", "Theory of teaching", " The affective  teaching" and "Integrating play in teaching", “Ohalo” Academic College. 
    2015-2003 - Courses on the following topics; "teaching and patient care through play" and “Introduction to expression and creativity”, Tel Hai Academic College.
    2003-1993  - Courses on the following topics; "Didactics", "Training Student Teachers," "Personal communication" and “The game for preschoolers ", “Oranim” Academic College extension Tel Hai Kindergarten teachers school.